Update on Case Against Calgary Street Church



November 27, 2009

Concerned Christians Canada – November 24/09: Artur Pawlowski Pastor of Street Church Ministries was found innocent of seven criminal charges levied against him in 2006, including “obstruct in public place, petty trespass act, obstruct, omit to assist a public/peace officer, causing a disturbance, loiter, and resist”, relating to the reading of a Bible in a public park. But the story continues. Pawlowski recently received a subpoena to appear at the arresting constable’s disciplinary hearing for four days starting on November 30, 2009. Mr. Pawlowski has been asked to appear at the hearing to give evidence relating to the police department’s findings of misconduct on the part of the officer during the 2006 arrest. [Read the whole press release here.]

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