Update on Human Trafficking Bill



September 16, 2009

By ARPA Canada (  ARPA Canada was present as MP Joy Smith’s Private Member’s Bill C-268 was debated in the House of Commons today for Third Reading. The Bloc Quebecois brought forward a motion yesterday that proposed to drop an important section of the bill that would require minimum sentences for the trafficking of children. This motion was debated first. The BQ argued that the bill was “based on emotion” rather than reason. To this Smith replied that she and every other MP ought to emotionally care when the well-being of children is violated. She followed this with a passionate speech, calling for all MP’s to vote down the BQ motion.

ARPA Canada met with Mrs. Smith for a video interview today. We are greatful for her enthusiasm towards this cause. The passing of this bill looks promising, given the abundance of support from the other parties. Petitions can still filled and sent in to her to show your support. You can also send your MP and note to encourage him or her to vote in support of C-268 and agains the BQ motion. The bill is scheduled for further debate possibly at the end of September. If it passes, it moves on to the Senate where it needs to pass there as well. 

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