Want to know how much abortions cost? Too bad!



May 18, 2012

Access to Information laws exist at the federal and provincial levels in order to increase accountability of governments. One of the biggest items that are subject to Freedom of Information requests is, quite naturally, funding concerns: how much is the government spending on this or that.

It is shocking to find out then, months after the fact, that the Ontario government has silently slipped in an exception to this law: no longer are Ontarians allowed to know how much tax dollars are spent on abortions per year. Not only are we not allowed to know how many abortions are done, how old the child is when aborted, or what procedures are used, we can’t even know how much it costs us (the latest estimates are around $40 – 70 million a year in Ontario alone!) Much thanks to Run With Life blog for revealing this dirty little secret. Click here for the details.

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