WeNeedaLaw campaign engaging national media



July 30, 2012

Since its launch earlier this year the WeNeedaLaw Campaign, which aims to build grassroots support for federal abortion legislation, has been successful in engaging the national media. The National Post published another commentary from Campaign Director Mike Schouten, titled ‘why Canada should ban late term abortions’.


“Canada is the only country in the Western world with no legal protection for pre-born children. This puts us in the company of only two other countries worldwide: North Korea and China” writes Schouten. “According to a June 2012 survey commissioned by Postmedia News and Global TV, 60% of Canadians would like to see abortion restricted to the first and second trimester. In 2011, Abacus Data polls found that 60% of Canadians believed that the life of the unborn should be protected at some point during the pregnancy. Similarly, a 2011 poll by Environics asked participants when they thought abortion should be illegal and 77% answered, “in the last three months” of pregnancy.

If any other special interest group had numbers that were consistently this strong, policy change would surely have occurred by now. Why has there been no progress in achieving legal protection for pre-born children in over 24 years?” Read the full article. Or go to www.

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