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September 15, 2011

Carman Valley Leader: The U.K. riots caused much mayhem, damage and even some deaths. Some blame it on poverty. I think multiculturalism, the welfare state, non-judgmental education, the decline of married couple homes, and liberal churches all played a part in in creating a society which created the conditions to produce these riots.

The liberal sacred cow called multiculturalism created a society where people do not know the culture and what makes their nation a nation. Total ignorance of history of the country they call home.

Western civilization and its obvious superiority to every other civilization and what made it so great is never taught or at the very least defended. So attachment to a common culture disappears.

What about the liberal push for the welfare state? The welfare state breeds a society of those who believe in a right to entitlements that the world owes them a living or everything. The belief in the right to ill-gotten loot not surprisingly follows.

With the liberal war on traditional family values, within the welfare state was the right of entitlements for lone parents and fatherless families. Liberal disdain for private property rights breeds a society that doesn’t value others property. The welfare state breeds takers of everything.

What about the liberal war on the traditional institution of marriage where youngsters are raised without a father, transitory males out of the picture? A tax system which penalizes married couples (crucial to well adjusted children) and penalizes stay at home married moms.

Result, children are raised in broken dysfunctional homes with lone-mothers or brief common-law relationships. No one to care what their kids brought home because they are not taught responsibilities, life long commitment, sacrifice, putting others first, rules and discipline.

The first day of riots was done by adults, the days following the riots was done by kids. Taught by example?

What about this liberal victim mentality which taught them, everyone else is to blame if they suffer misfortune? Not responsible for his choice of action, it was the raw deal that he had in life that is at fault liberals say.

What about the liberal assault on education? They dared not transmit morals lest it damaged the child’s self-esteem and their autonomy.

Teaching absolute truth was replaced with facilitating the pupil to decide their own morals. Disadvantaged children no longer had structure at school if they did not have it at home. Johnny cannot read his own diploma, but he feels great about himself and knows how to use condom. They dared not teach the history and the greatness of our civilization lest it offended immigrants.

Liberal churches in the U.K. embraced every new social fad, political correctness in order not offend, instead of fearlessly preaching eternal morals that underpin civilization. Fearlessly preaching biblical truth by definition is confrontational, but that is the church’s duty, demanded by God.

Politically correct liberal churches everywhere make themselves irrelevant when they became nothing more than a rotary club with pipe organ. As a result they lost a leading voice to tame culture and society.

Socially liberal transformation of society all played a part in creating the conditions to produce these riots.

Stanley Reitsma,


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