Woman Jailed for Abortion Counseling in Toronto Acquitted, Set Free



July 28, 2010

By John Jalsevac, July 28, 2010 ( – Mary Wagner, the young woman who was jailed earlier this year for entering an abortion clinic and counseling women and abortion workers, has been acquitted of all charges and freed from jail. Mary Wagner’s mother, Jane Wagner, told (LSN) that she received a call from Mary this morning saying that she had been acquitted, but was unable to provide specific details about the judge’s decision. Attempts to contact Mary have been unsuccessful.

At a hearing earlier this month, the presiding judge in the case had said that Mary could be let out of jail immediately if she agreed to three conditions, one of which was not to stand on the sidewalk in front of the Choice in Health abortion facility, or to enter the building. The young pro-life activist, however, said that she could not agree to this condition, and so was returned to jail pending a further hearing.

While that hearing was originally not set to happen until September, Jane Wagner told LSN that earlier this week Mary’s lawyers told her that the judge had had a “change of heart,” and would hear her case today.

Mary’s path to becoming a prisoner of conscience began on Monday, March 29, during Holy Week, when she entered the “Woman’s Care” abortion facility. At that time she said she was able to “speak to a few grieving Dads, whose partners had already gone in for their abortions, and let them know about project Rachael, a support system for post abortion parents.”

After about 45 minutes the police arrived and escorted her away from the facility.

On Tuesday, March 30, Mary again went to witness to life, this time to the  “Choice in Health” abortion center, where she said she was able to counsel women, abortion workers, and the police for nearly 45 minutes before she was carried away by officers and put in jail.

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