Workplace Squabble Can Cost You Your House



February 4, 2011

Many of those who support reforms to the human rights system are particularly troubled by Section 13 of the federal act, and similar provisions in provincial human rights codes. This section prohibits the publication of discriminatory speech, which is rightly viewed as a severe and unwarranted infringement on our freedom of expression and the freedom of the press.

If there was a referendum on Section 13, there is little doubt that Canadians would want it scrapped.

But many of those who oppose Section 13 are lukewarm or supportive of the rest of the human rights legislation, along with the bureaucracy and quasi-judicial tribunals that they create. It is a tougher challenge to convince Canadians of the necessity to reform, replace, or remove these institutions in their entirety. The Commissions and Tribunals have for years engaged in successful public relations campaigns to trumpet their success and stoke fears of what might happen should their comfortable jobs be eliminated.

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