Youth entry: Get educated before making bad choice



November 18, 2011

Chilliwack Times, Nov 17: Abortion is a common occurance in our society. So far this year there have been more than 36,575,210 induced abortions worldwide. An estimated 42 million babies are aborted each year and 20 million of these are performed unsafely. Yet there is one baby aborted every second.

Abortions are unsafe and an inhumane choice. When the mother makes a decision to have an abortion she is killing a young, innocent life and endangering her own. If she chooses to kill her baby she will need to live every day of the rest of her life thinking of what her baby could have become. For the rest of her life she may be plagued by the thought of her baby dead.

If everyone realized how serious and horrible the choice of abortion was, maybe women would choose differently about taking their child’s life.

Chelsea Meyer – age 14

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