BC Christian Heritage Party

BC Christian Heritage Party


Leader: Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson


2017 Election Results: 0 seats in the Legislature and 0.17% of the popular vote


Philosophy: As its name implies, the BC Christian Heritage Party presents itself as distinctly Christian, standing “on the foundation granted by our Creator: individual dignity, personal freedoms, economic enterprises, and limited government.” The party is committed to defunding abortion and to cease providing euthanasia through the provincial health care system. The party wishes to promote palliative care where numbers permit. It supports the definition of marriage as between one man and one woman. The BC CHP would also extend “per student” funding to independent schools and believes that parents have the primary responsibility for raising and educating their children.


The provincial Christian Heritage party supports balanced budget legislation, would hold a referendum on whether to adopt a single income tax rate or a single consumption tax rate and would hold a referendum before increasing tax rates or introducing new taxes. The party proposes to eliminate all provincial efforts to combat climate change, including scrapping the carbon tax. Finally, the party supports the replacement of the federal Indian Act and supports the introduction of private property on Indigenous reserves.


Current Involvement Opportunities

  • Volunteer for your local candidate for this election!