BC Green Party

BC Green Party


Leader: Sonia Furstenau


2017 Election Result: the party is currently supporting the BC NDP’s minority government with its 2 seats (formerly 3 seats before their former leader Andrew Weaver resigned from the BC Green caucus to sit as an independent) and 16.8% of the popular vote


Philosophy: The left-leaning BC Green party is guided by 6 core principles: participatory democracy, sustainability, social justice, respect for diversity, ecological wisdom, and non-violence. Like the BC NDP, the BC Greens strongly gravitate towards pro-choice and LGBTQ perspectives but have not appeared to prioritize these social issues in practice. The main exception was former party leader Andrew Weaver’s bill to ban conversion therapy (which did not pass), though the party was somewhat open to reasonable amendments.


Unsurprisingly, the BC Greens prioritize environmental issues such as increasing the carbon tax and aggressively reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The party also strongly supports the subsidization of public and private daycare. The party is committed to streamlining the tax system and increasing the income tax on the highest-earning British Columbians but is committed to balancing the budget over the course of their mandate. The BC Greens propose joint management of land and natural resources with First Nations and a reinvigoration of the treaty process.


Current Involvement Opportunities

  • Volunteer for your local candidate for this election!