BC New Democratic Party

BC New Democratic Party


Leader: John Horgan


2017 Election Result: although it won the second-most seats (41) and second-largest share of the popular vote (40.3%), the BC NDP currently governs British Columbia with a minority government supported by a supply-and-confidence agreement with the BC Green Party


Philosophy: The party occupies the center-left of the political spectrum. Although the party has historically been unabashedly pro-choice and “progressive” on LGBTQ issues, the BC New Democratic Party has largely left life, gender, and sexuality issues alone in the first few years of their new government. However, their entire caucus voted in favour of adding gender identity and expression to British Columbia’s Human Rights Code and the NDP government has maintained SOGI 123 in public schools. The BC NDP has historically been opposed to independent schools and has cut funding to Independent Distributed Learning (IDL schools) by 13%.


The main priorities of the current NDP government revolve around making life more affordable and sustainable. They are in the midst of raising the minimum wage, expanding access to public childcare, raising taxes on the wealthiest British Columbians, raising the carbon tax, and encouraging a transition to a low-carbon economy. The party tentatively supports balanced budgets, but “not at the expense of children, seniors, families and the most vulnerable.” The BC NDP also is beginning to implement the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP).


Current Involvement Opportunities

  • Volunteer for your local candidate for this election!