2012 Fall Tour: It’s The End of the World as We Know It

It’s the End of the World as We Know It: Opportunities for the Church In an Increasingly Hostile Society

Our nation is rejecting its Judeo-Christian heritage, and vilifying those who hold to it, not realizing that many of their freedoms and the stability of our country are due, in large part, to this very heritage. If we stay this course, it will be the end of Canada as we know it in a very short time. Is there anything we can actually do? Join us as Andr√© Schutten and Mark Penninga show us not only what’s wrong with Canada, but also what Christians can and ought to do in the places where God has put us. The battle is not over yet, and there is bright hope for tomorrow!

Specific issues of focus will include religious freedom, euthanasia, and the recent push in Parliament and Legislatures to promote “gender diversity”.


Dates and Locations

All events at 7:30 pm


November 16: Bethel United Reformed Church, Smithers BC

November 19: Credo Christian School, 8260 Huntington Rd., Woodbridge, ON [NOTE: Location change!]

November 20: Smithville Canadian Reformed Church, 330 Station Street  Smithville, ON

November 21: Drayton Reformed Church, 74 Wellington Street South, Drayton, ON

November 22: Orillia Grace United Reformed Church, ON

November 23: Owen Sound Canadian Reformed Church, 177551 Concession 5, Owen Sound, ON

November 27: NEW PRESENTATION! United Reformed Church of Thunder Bay, King’s Highway 130, Oliver Paipoonge, ON