Pictures: Alberta Legislature Visit a Huge Success!

On Tuesday, 18 representatives of Alberta ARPA chapters and ARPA Canada visited the Alberta Legislature in Edmonton and met with a dozen MLAs and cabinet ministers to discuss a range of issues that are close to our hearts. We can report with thankfulness that these meetings resulted in blessings beyond what we could have hoped for.

Meetings included Justice Minister and Attorney General Jonathan Denis, Associate Minister of Finance Kyle Fawcett, Minister of Environment Diana McQueen, and Associate Minister of Accountability Don Scott.

The top issues of discussion were reforming Alberta’s Human Rights Code, parental authority in education, abortion funding, and children working on farms. One MLA was so impressed with a meeting with reps from Southern Alberta ARPA that he took the report that was prepared for him, photocopied it for the other MLAs, and introduced it in the Legislature that afternoon, urging his colleagues to read it. 


The evening before the visit we were blessed with excellent presentations by lawyer John Carpay and policy expert Garnett Genuis. And in the afternoon following the MLA visits, the ARPAs were able to meet together for a short conference, to strategize about how we can follow-up on what we learned from the two days. 

We thank the Lord for giving us this opportunity, and we heartily encourage others to join us next time, and to do the same thing in other provinces.

ARPA reps meet with Minister of Justice Jonathan Denis and Deputy Speaker George Rogers


ARPA reps meet with Associate Minister of Finance Kyle Fawcett


Afternoon conference – Calvin T shares his findings from a meeting with an MLA.


John Carpay and Garnett Genuis address crowd in Edmonton about fundamental freedoms, education, and political advocacy.