ARPA at Manning Networking Conference

The Ottawa Convention Centre was abuzz as about 1,000 people from all over Canada attended the Manning Networking Conference which brings together conservative-oriented political thinkers, interest groups, activists, politicians, critics, and students. From March 7 to 9, a whole range of topics was discussed such as the role of government in conserving the family unit, the welfare state, the state health care monopoly, aboriginal affairs, and many others.
ARPA’s Legal Counsel Andr√© Schutten, the Director of Mike Schouten, and Dr. Cornelis Van Dam, board member, were there listening to and interacting with some of Canada’s top political activists, strategists and public servants.

ARPA had an official presence in their booth which attracted significant attention for ARPA’s goals and publications. It was a wonderful opportunity to project God and his rights into the political discourse of conservative thinkers. To see more pictures of the event, click Read More.


ARPA’s booth at the Manning Networking Conference

ARPA’s legal counsel Andre Schutten with ARPA board member Dr. Cornelis Van Dam at the networking social

Andre Schutten and Mike Schouten at the networking social


Ron Paul gives a rousing, campaign-style speech to a packed audience on Friday morning

Panelists debate differences and seek common ground in big tent conservatism

Mike Schouten with his face in a mug of coffee – a usual circumstance!

Mike Schouten engages young conservatives

Andre Schutten answers questions from a student

Guy Giorno, former Chief of Staff to Stephen Harper (left) and Manny Jules, Former Kamloops Indian Chief discuss new approaches to Aboriginal Affairs.

Energy Dragon’s Den – where should the oil flow, South, East or West?