ARPA Canada clarifies CBC’s misleading headline

On October 2, 2014 nearly one hundred volunteers from across Canada gathered on Parliament Hill to plant 100,000 pink and blue flags for ARPA Canada’s campaign. This was the largest anti-abortion display our country has ever seen. The flags, each one of them, represent one abortion every year in Canada. The display captured both national and international attention. You can view photos of the display here and on our Facebook page here.

That was ten weeks ago. On Friday, December 12th, CBC ran a top story on the event (after having refused to cover the story the day of) with a rather misleading headline: ‘Anti-abortion protest bent rules on Parliament Hill’.

However, without the deceptive headline there is really nothing to the story. The article is simply a detailed account of the process we walked through as we sought and received permission to use the grounds on Parliament Hill as a backdrop to our message highlighting the 100,000 abortions happening every year in Canada.  

We are thankful that our legal counsel had opportunity to set the record straight on Sun News. Check out the video here.