Event: A Battle Requires Warriors, Not Couch Potatoes

Thursday, Feb 17th at 7:30 pm in the Grand Valley CanRC  Facebook Event Page

The political decisions being made in Ottawa and Toronto can protect your basic freedoms or create a climate of fear where some subjects may not be talked about. They can encourage parental-based education of our youth or inculcate humanism and promote alternative sexual lifestyles. They can promote environmental stewardship or pantheistic environmentalism. They can encourage families and children or devalue the aged and weak. Will we watch our society make these choices from the sidelines, or will we put on our spiritual armour and engage in these important decisions?

Take your family and friends along to this ARPA Canada event to take in a presentation by ARPA’s director Mark Penninga and board member Neil Dykstra (both from BC’s Lower Mainland) that will help you to become equipped with the tools to apply our faith to current political issues in Ontario and Canada. The presentation will include an introduction to the Stand Up for Freedom Canada campaign that ARPA organized and launched across the country in November, garnering newspaper and talk-radio coverage in 14 cities.