Happening Now! Ontario Tour Featuring André Schutten

 Proactive Politics: Prostitution, Free Speech & Abortion Laws

Defend hate speech, get rid of our prostitution laws and compromise on abortion! What’s ARPA Canada coming too?? Come on out to one of our fall presentations featuring ARPA Canada’s newest employee, Ontario Director and Legal Counsel André Schutten. André hopes to explain from a Reformed perspective not only why, but also how Christians should be able to engage on these three pressing issues: hate speech, prostitution and abortion laws and will do so in three short, to-the-point arguments. There will, of course, be opportunity for questions and debate as well as a brief update on ARPA’s work in our nation’s capital. 


– Wednesday, October 26th – Toronto, Bethel Canadian Reformed Church, 8:00 p.m. Facebook Event Page
– Thursday, October 27th – Guelph, Emmanuel Canadian Reformed Church, 8:00 p.m. Facebook Event Page
– Tuesday, November 1st – Niagara, Wellandport United Reformed Church, 7:30 p.m. Facebook Event Page
– Wednesday, November 2nd – Hamilton, Ancaster Canadian Reformed Church, 8:00 p.m. Facebook Event Page
– Thursday, November 3rd – London, Providence Reformed Collegiate, 8:00 p.m. Facebook Event Page
The basic outline of the presentation is as follows:

10 minute introduction – includes a few comments on what ARPA is doing in the Capital and what André is pleased and blessed to do there on your behalf

10 min – Human Rights Commission v. Whatcott – To Speak or not to Speak: I hope to discuss the high-profile case that will be before the Supreme Court of Canada on October 12th. ARPA filed a motion to intervene in this case. I will touch briefly on the HRCs for a couple of minutes for the sake of context, but the focus will be on explaining why ARPA filed to intervene in the case, what is at risk with the case, and what we can do while awaiting the decision.

10 min – Provincial Pro-Life Legislation. I’ll briefly talk about the incredible advances we are seeing weekly in the United States, and what Canada must learn from the Americans and how we can follow their lead.

10 min – The World’s Oldest Profession: I hope to explain why Canada’s current prostitution law needs to be scrapped and I hope to reveal an alternative that Christians can support.

Finally, we will conclude with a 5-minute wrap-up on a few things of interest that all ARPA folks should be aware of followed by questions and discussion.


– Monday, September 26th – Winnipeg (Grace Canadian Reformed Church building 730 Pandora Ave. west, Winnipeg) Facebook Event Page
– Tuesday, September 27th – Carman (Canadian Reformed Church Carmen West, 210 – 4th Ave. N.W., Carman) Facebook Event Page
– Wednesday, September 28th – Fraser Valley East (Canadian Reformed Church building in Yarrow – 42285 Yarrow Central Rd, Chilliwack) Facebook Event Page
– Thursday, September 29th – Langley/Cloverdale/Surrey (Langley Canadian Reformed Church building at 21804-52nd Ave, Langley) Facebook Event Page
– Monday, October 3rd –Prince George (Canadian Reformed Church Prince George Mission, 4110 15th Ave., Prince George) Facebook Event Page
– Tuesday, October 4th –Smithers (Smithers Canadian Reformed Church – 2788 Upper Viewmount Road, Smithers) Facebook Event Page