Invite Your MP!: ARPA Event in Parliament

Please Help: Click here to send an Easy Mail letter, inviting your MP to attend ARPA’s event in Parliament. It makes a huge difference for MPs to hear the request from their constituents. Don’t forget to update the action meter.

Over 40 representatives from ARPA chapters across Canada are making plans to meet in Ottawa on March 27 and 28 for meetings with MPs, Senators, and other government officials, as well as the second national ARPA conference. Thanks to the generosity of our readers, who have donated travel points, groups as far as Prince George and Smithers BC also plan to be represented.

Dr. Cornelis Van Dam will be addressing MPs and Senators on the evening of March 27 on the topic of multiculturalism. The transcript of his talk is being translated in French and will be distributed to as many MPs as possible. The invitations to MPs and Senators has already arrived at every MP and Senator’s office in Ottawa. We ask our readers to pray for God’s hand of blessing on the many preperations being made.