Bulkley Valley Presentations

by Rod Taylor – Skeena Bulkley CHP
On July 27 and 28, ARPA’s Executive Director, Mark Penninga addressed gatherings in Smithers and Houston, BC about the role ARPA (Association for Reformed Political Action) can play in the struggle to return Canada’s public policies and institutions to to a biblical worldview.

Being born and raised in the Bulkley Valley, and well known by his audience, Mark brought his message comfortably but very compellingly. His sincere desire was evident—to convey to his listeners his conviction that all family-oriented citizens and especially those who hold a Christian view of life have a responsibilty to work for change and to seek the transformation of our culture. Mark has been setting a good example since taking on the position of Executive Director. The ARPA website
has been attracting lots of traffic and contains a lot of research on family issues. Local ARPA groups are being motivated across Canada, including the Bulkley Valley ARPA.

Innovative projects, such as the “hay bales and crosses” display in Southern Alberta have drawn public attention to the annual Canadian deaths by abortion of approximately 110,000 innocent human lives.

Mark spoke of “Sphere Sovereignty” and explained that God has ordained authority and responsibility for each of us within several distinct “spheres” such as family, state, church, labour, etc. and that one of our challenges is the encroachment by the state on the other areas of our life, distorting our understanding and limiting our success in achieving the noble and lofty standards established for us by God.

He also correctly identified a humanistic worldview as a form of religion and said “The question isn’t WHETHER religion should be mixed with politics but WHICH religion?” Secular humanists want to direct policy-making while pretending to reflect a “non-biased, scientific” point of view. Nothing could be further from the truth. The narrow and intolerant opinions of those who reject God and His just requirements are every bit as “religious” as the tenets of biblical Christianity and are really nothing more than strong feelings.

We are pleased that Mark was able to present his creative vision for the role of ARPA in the Bulkley Valley and we expect to hear much more from this talented young man. We also expect to see BV ARPA taking on some important projects in these “interesting times.”