Dozens Gather on Steps of BC Supreme Court to Oppose Euthanasia

Well over a dozen ARPA readers joined a much larger group on the steps of the BC Supreme Court this morning, facing a multitude of TV cameras and reporters, to send a loud and clear message that Canada must close the door to state-sanctioned death by means of euthanasia and assisted suicide. The group assembled in response to the opening day of hearings in a case that has the potential to strike down Canada’s laws against assisted suicide.

Garett Vane, a member of Langley ARPA and one of the organizers of the demonstration, noted that he was impressed by the turnout of both the media and the many citizens who braved the cold to hold signs. “There is no doubt that this case is a big news story” he commented. “The press showed up already before 5:30 am.” The demonstration was organized by the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition, which also has intervenor status in the case. At the time of writing this article, there were already over 100 news stories on the topic, according to Google News.

The debate over Canada’s euthanasia laws were heated last year, when Parliament voted overwhelmingly to oppose a bill that would have legalized the practice. Euthanasia advocates decided that the courts were a more favourable context. There hope is that our current laws will be deemed unconstitutional. Regardless of the outcome of this BC court, the likelihood is that this case will proceed to the Supreme Court of Canada.

ARPA Canada asks that you keep this case in your prayers. Please pray that the truth about euthanasia is brought to light and that the deceit of “dying with dignity” is exposed. Pray also that the lawyers and judges will see the dangers of legalizing euthanasia and that our society will care for all its members, regardless of their capacity.

Pictured below: ARPA reader and nurse Arlena Vane answers questions from a City TV reporter about palliative care.