Fall Tour – Smithers

ARPA Canada Fall Tour 2017 – Who is Sovereign?

Would you be okay with a judge telling the elders of your church how to exercise church discipline? Would you be okay with the premier telling parents how to raise their children? It is beginning to happen. And it doesn’t stop there. Right now the Supreme Court is hearing a case to decide whether they have the power to overturn a church discipline decision. Laws continue to be introduced limiting how parents can educate, discipline and raise their children.

How should we respond? 

Mark Penninga will be presenting this somewhat condensed version of ARPA’s fall tour presentation in Smithers, BC on Tuesday, November 7 as we together strive to honour Christ’s authority over all. Catechism students (especially Grade 9+) and Bible study groups are encouraged to come and welcome to invite friends from other church communities.

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