Webinar: Christian Engagement in the Forgotten Level of Government

Topic: Christian Engagement in the Forgotten Level of Government

Date and Time: March 31, 7:30 PM EST | 7:00 PM PST

Christians who are engaged in politics tend to heavily follow federal politics and, to a lesser extent, provincial politics. But what about local politics? Should Christians be involved in municipal issues and public school boards? Join us on March 31st as we interview several Reformed Christians who hold (or have held) local offices and hear their thoughts about local political engagement.

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Eastern Webinar Guests

Dave Bylsma – current Mayor of West Lincoln and Regional Councillor for the Niagara Region

Steve van Leeuwen – current Councillor for Centre-Wellington

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Western Webinar Guests

Al Siebring – current Mayor and former Councillor for North Cowichan

John Siebenga – former Councillor for Houston

Chris Kloot – current Councillor for Chilliwack

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