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WinnipegCome out to an event in Carman or Winnipeg to take in an ARPA Canada presentation. Hear how local churches can make a big difference in their communities and the whole nation by holding up the truth of God’s Word in the public square. 

Wednesday, Jan. 21: 8:00 pm in the Carman East Can Ref Church

Thursday, Jan. 22: 8:00 pm Redeemer Can Ref Church in Winnipeg

Mr. Terry Veenendaal and Ron Vanderzwaag are the local contacts in Carman. Their hope is to start a local political action group in Carman and thereby make a real difference in their community. Mr. Will Gortemaker is the local contact in Winnipeg. Although Winnipeg has had an ARPA group in the past, it has since became less active and there is new momentum to revive it and keep it active.