March for Life 2013

Join us May 9, 2013 for a Reformed Protestant prayer service co-hosted by Jubilee Church and ARPA Canada. Jubilee’s Pastor George van Popta will lead the service. There will also be a motivational call to action by Jonathon VanMaren of CCBR, as well as an interactive Pro-Life 101 presentation by ARPA’s legal counsel André Schutten.
The location is First Baptist Church, 140 Laurier Avenue West, Ottawa.
The start time is 10:00 a.m.
A free, paper-bag lunch is available for all those who RSVP attendance to [email protected]
Find our report from the 2012 March & Service here.
March for Life 2013 Poem: The 9th of May
Where will you be this 9th of May?
Will you close ranks with us and pray,
Here, at our Government’s front step,
Where rules are made and laws are kept?

Where men with callous disregard
Flaunt foolish choice, yet lives discard.
Where protests mount and reasons fail;
To fight for life earns time in jail?

Where will you be this 9th of May,
Stand idly by or join the fray,
And fight for Truth, Life’s liberty,
To right the wrongs? Don’t let them be

Complacent, and abet in crimes,
That even overshadow times,
When children born were left to die,
Those pitiless, sans tears that cry,

But mock us on each 9th of May
Regard it, “Just another day…
We’ve dealt with it, it’s nothing new.
They’re dead by choice,” maintain their view.

And say, “Not Life, the issue’s Rights,
Entitlements, all what delights,
Without responsibility,
Women to chose what’s right for me.”

Then come what may, this 9th of May
Witness for Truth, What does God say?
We’ve rights to love our fellow man,
To help and aid wherever we can.

This fight’s not me and it’s not you
But it’s for all that’s good and true.
Turn hearts of stone that they may bleed
For those unborn; witness indeed.

A. Blokhuis
Dec. 21/12