National Pro-Life Flag Display

Volunteer Interview

On Thursday, October 2, 80+ volunteers and staff from ARPA Canada and We Need a Law assembled on Parliament Hill to participate in the largest pro-life display this nation has seen. The volunteers gathered at 6:45 am for a time of devotion and prayer, before inserting 100,000 pink and blue flags into the lawn in front of the Parliament Buildings. These flags represent the 100,000 lives lost to abortion every single year in Canada. Every. Single. Year.

Photo albums have been posted to the ARPA Canada and We Need a Law facebook pages.


And click on the following link for another new video, with some of the volunteers and their experiences: Volunteer Interview

Thank you to the tremendous efforts by all our volunteers and supporters for helping with this display and spreading the message. By God’s grace this event was received positively by Parliamentarians and the general public. We pray that the display that was up for only one day on Parliament Hill will have a lasting impact on policy and lawmakers in our nation’s capital and that we will see a day when the lives of pre-born children are protected under the law!


The image above is from our press conference. You can view the media coverage from Sun News here.