Coming Soon: ARPA Canada Visits Ontario (Oct 20-25)

It won’t be long until ARPA Canada’s Director (Mark Penninga) and Chairman of the Board (John Voorhorst) are coming to southern Ontario to introduce ourselves to the Reformed churches and schools. If you live in the area, we would love to meet you. Come out to one of the events (see below) and encourage others to come as well (sample bulletin announcement below). This will be an opportunity to mobilize your church to political awareness and action. Spread the word – encourage people to come out to these events!

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Tuesday, Oct 21: Hamilton

Guido de Bres Christian High School (presentations to students)

Wednesday, Oct 22: London Area

– afternoon: Providence Reformed Collegiate (Komoka) – presentation to students

– evening: Providence Reformed Collegiate – event for everyone (8:00 pm)

Thursday, Oct 23: Niagara Peninsula

Covenant Canadian Reformed Church – Grassie (480 Woolverton road, Grimsby) – 8:00 pm

Friday, Oct 24: Chatham

Chatham Canadian Reformed Church (483 McNaughton Avenue East) – 8:00 pm

Sample Bulletin Announcement for your Church:

Bringing Vision to a Country that is Perishing!
Come Out to the ARPA Canada Tour October __ at _______________
Everyone of us has a calling to be a prophet, priest, and king. How do we do this in a secular community and country that has turned its back on God? ARPA Canada (the Association for Reformed Political Action) is going on its first tour through Southern Ontario and will be in (name of town) at (location) at (time) pm. Come out and hear Mark Penninga, the director of ARPA Canada, explain how the Reformed churches must bring much-needed vision to our community and nation. Learn more about what ARPA Canada has to offer to make it easier for you to make a difference even if you already have a busy schedule.
Go to to learn more and find other event locations!