Preparing for Conversion Therapy Bans – Ontario


Both the Government of Canada (2021) and the Government of Ontario (2016) have passed now conversion therapy bans that may have far-reaching implications for church leaders, teachers, and parents in Ontario. In order to prepare the Church to faithfully navigate these conversion therapy bans, ARPA Canada and Free to Care are hosting a series of conferences in Ontario early in 2022. The format for these weekend conferences is outlined below. Stay tuned for more specific details in the coming weeks and months.

Information Evenings

The information sessions on Friday evenings are designed for any Christians, their friends, and their neighbours who are interested in understanding the issue of conversion therapy and how poorly drafted legal bans have negative effects not only on the Christian and broader community but also on our LGBTQ neighbours. Doors open at 7:00 PM. Everyone welcome!

Please register for one of the Friday evening sessions below:

Practical Worshops & Breakout Sessions

The practical training Saturday sessions are tailored to church office bearers and pastors, building off of the Friday evening information evening. They seek to:

  • Assist elders and pastors to respond well to church members’ questions about sexual ethics and/or identity
  • Help elders and pastors speak about issues of sexual ethics and personal identity in ways that are biblically sound and that are aware of political and legal sensitivities
  • Provide advice for pastors regarding the manner in which they can address sensitive issues in their sermons
  • Help churches to formulate / develop / adapt church policies

Please register for one of the Saturday sessions below. Please note, if you hope to join us for a Saturday session, we highly recommend that you attend a Friday session as well.

All events will be moderated by Ryan Mans, ARPA Canada’s Ontario manager, with sessions led by André Schutten, legal counsel and director of law & policy with ARPA Canada, John Sikkema, lawyer with The Acacia Group, and Jojo Ruba, executive director of Free to Care.
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