Upcoming Events: Aldergrove & Alberta Tour

If you live in BC’s Fraser Valley or Alberta, be sure to check out these upcoming events featuring ARPA’s director Mark Penninga and Reformed Perspective Editor Jon Dykstra March 14 and April 7-11. Topics include fertility rates, multiculturalism, and the Overton window.

Event #1: The Demographic Winter: Fertility Rates and Clashing Cultures

Had enough of winter already? We are only just entering it. The entire western world is radically changing as a result of a rapidly declining fertility rate. An economic melt-down, stressed health-care system, and violent clashes over immigration and competing worldviews are just some examples of the big-picture consequences of society’s choices. Now, more than ever, our world needs to hear the positive message that human life is a treasure. Come and learn how you can be a salt and a light and give hope to a world that is only just beginning to enter a long and dark demographic winter.

Speaker: Mark Penninga – Executive Director of ARPA Canada and author of Building on Sand: Human Dignity in Canadian Law and Society

Details: Aldergrove Canadian Reformed Church on Monday night (March 14) at 7:30 pm

The evening will include a brief AGM for Langley ARPA – an impressive group worthy of your support.


Events # 2-7: ARPA Alberta Tour: A Battle Requires Warriors (Not Couch Potatoes)

Featured Speakers: Jon Dykstra (Editor of Reformed Perspective Magazine) and Mark Penninga (Executive Director of ARPA Canada)

The political decisions being made daily can protect your basic freedoms or create a climate of fear where some subjects may not be talked about. They can encourage parental-based education of our youth or inculcate humanism and promote alternative sexual lifestyles. Will we watch our society make these choices from the sidelines, or will we put on our spiritual armour and engage in these important decisions? Take your family and friends along to this ARPA Canada event to take in a presentation that will help you to become equipped with the ideas and tools needed to apply our faith to current political issues in Alberta and Canada.

Calgary: Thursday April 7 all events at 7:30 pm

Coaldale: Friday, April 8

Neerlandia: Saturday, April 9

Edmonton: Monday, April 11

A provincial conference of the ARPA’s will follow on April 12 in Edmonton, at which the ARPA’s will meet with MLA’s in the Alberta Legislature.