Pictures: ARPA Events in Ontario

Wow, what a week! We were blessed with eight very enjoyable events throughout Ontario where we introduced the Stand Up for Freedom Canada campaign, taught the pro-life 101 course to over 500 high school students, and spoke about the need to apply both grace and truth in our public witness. We were thrilled with the response and interest level everywhere we went. Thanks to the many local organizers who made these events possible in Elora, Hamilton, Brantford, Fenwick, and Komoka.

Scott Brockie, who shared his story about facing a human rights complaint and appealing it to the courts, takes questions from an enthusiastic audience at Providence Reformed Collegiate near London. MP Bev Shipley (on right) and Mark Penninga (left) also took questions.

 André Schutten takes questions from the audience in Brantford at the local Free Reformed Church.

Cornerstone Canadian Reformed Church in Hamilton: We were thrilled to see a lot of interest in starting a local ARPA in this city.

High school students in Fergus practice the “pro-life 101” training they just received. This was one of three high school that took part.