Working in anticipation of Christ’s coming

In January, ARPA Canada was honoured to participate in a small way in the annual conference of the Canadian Reformed Theological Seminary (CRTS). The title of the conference this year was, As You See the Day Approaching: Reformed Perspectives on Eschatology. It was really neat to see how doctrines of the faith also have practical implications in our personal lives and in our public life together. The entire conference was captured on video and can be watched here

One speech in particular tied the work of ARPA Canada to Reformed views on eschatology. Dr. VanDam a close friend and supporter of ARPA, presented a paper titled, Working in Anticipation of Christ’s Coming. In it he argued that Christians ought to be busy working for our collective societal good while we look forward to Christ’s return. ARPA’s André Schutten was given 10 minutes to respond. His comments are attached as well, with many discussion questions too. Feel free to read these comments and questions and discuss with your family or Bible study.