Fall Tour 2019

As we prepare for another federal election, we see that our political and cultural leaders increasingly want to identify as “progressive.” God’s good design for humanity and creation is now seen as regressive and a political liability. But who decides what is progress? And what role do Christians have in such a climate?

ARPA Canada’s Fall Tour 2019 will be a hope-filled presentation built on the assurance that all of life is marching towards ultimate progress under the kingship of Jesus Christ.

It will also include updates about new court cases that are challenging the God-given role of parents, especially as they pertain to our freedom to express the truth about sexuality. As well there will be special focus on current provincial laws and opportunities that you need to be aware of.

Fall Tour 2019. We can’t wait to see you there!

*Please Note: Fall Tour 2019 Dates are being planned. We are still confirming some locations, but you can find the dates and cities that we will be visiting below.

**We do not currently have any tour locations for the Maritimes, MB or SK at this time.


The Southern Ontario leg of Fall Tour is complete! Ottawa is still to come at the end of October.

Thanks to all those who attended and the volunteers who helped out.

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British Columbia

The Ottawa Fall Tour Event will be held on October 28th. Locations and times yet to be determined.


Fall Tour will begin on October 29th in Winnipeg, and October 30th in Carman. Locations and times are still being finalized.