Fall Tour 2019

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In the name of progress, a pastor was arrested for preaching the gospel on a public street in Canada. In the name of progress, parents have been told by a grade one teacher that their 6-year-old daughter’s confusion about her own gender is a fair price to pay to advance the new gender ideology. In the name of progress, a father has been banned by a judge from sharing his concerns with his own daughter about her gender transition. And in the name of progress women are being abandoned by our law’s silence on the humanity and worth of the youngest members of the human family.

God’s good design for children and families, for society and for government is deemed regressive. But who decides what is progress or regress? What role do Christians have in this climate? And can we reclaim the title of true progressives?

Join us at ARPA Canada’s 2019 fall tour to hear Colin Postma, Tabitha Ewert and André Schutten tackle the challenging topics of pre-born human rights, conversion therapy and censorship while giving you the tools to witness effectively on these pressing issues.

Fall Tour 2019. We can’t wait to see you there!

*Please Note: Fall Tour 2019 has concluded in Ontario, B.C. and Alberta.

**We do not currently have any tour locations for the Maritimes or SK at this time.