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“Everyone must submit himself to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established.” – Romans 13:1

The state is a huge institution in Canada. It has become responsible for almost every aspect of our lives. But should it be this way? What should our governments be responsible for? How should our electoral system work? These are some of the issues being looked at in this section.


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28 Mar 2017 Kenney wins Alberta PC leadership

Jason Kenney, leader of the Progressive Conservative Association of Alberta There’s considerable optimism among social conservatives in Alberta right now. Earlier this month, former federal Member of Parliament Jason Kenney was elected the new leader of the Alberta Progressive Conservative party. He ran on a platform of "uniting the right" – bringing the Alberta PC's and the Wildrose Party back into a single organization to campaign against the NDP in that province’s next election. Kenney won the leadership at a delegated convention, garnering about 75% of the vote on the first...

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28 Mar 2017 LN Feature: Taking the Long View on Pre-born Human Rights Director, Mike Schouten On the feature this week, a conversation with We Need a Law director Mike Schouten, about a proposal his organization is putting forward for an “International Standards” abortion law. We talk about the history of the law, and the long-term plans to have it passed. LN: Last year, Parliament had the discussion about Cassie and Molly's Law - that was the big push. Last week, we had John Sikkema on the program, and he made mention of this International Standards abortion law. I know it's something we've been working...

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21 Mar 2017 LN Feature: A Chance to Revisit an Abortion Law

ARPA Canada lawyer, John Sikkema On the feature this week, a conversation with ARPA Canada lawyer John Sikkema about a move by the Trudeau government to clean up so-called “zombie laws”. These are laws which are officially still on the books, but which have been ruled unconstitutional and – because of that – are no longer enforceable. There are a number of them, dealing with everything from water-skiing at night to spreading false news to certain prohibitions against vagrancy. And there’s also a Criminal Code provision covering the provision or procurement of...

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14 Mar 2017 Oosterhoff wins again

MPP Sam Oosterhoff The youngest MPP in Ontario history will be running again. Sam Oosterhoff won a nomination race in the newly formed Niagara West riding last week. He was challenged in the contest by someone who ran against him in the nomination for a by-election in his current riding late last year. “One of the challengers from that nomination… said he had concerns about my faith; that I came from a very insular group within the riding,” Oosterhoff says. “But there were a lot of great people who came out,...

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14 Mar 2017 LN Feature: Electing People of Character

Doug Sharpe, President of the Canada Family Action Council On the feature this week, a conversation with Doug Sharpe, the president of the Canada Family Action Council. We interviewed Doug after he spoke at an event in Victoria, sponsored by Freedom Defence Canada. LN: The Canada Family Action Council has evolved somewhat since the days when it was organizing the "Defend Marriage" rallies during the debate over gay marriage. I've heard you speak publicly, and you talk about "a different approach" and the notion that continuing to do things the way we've...

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07 Mar 2017 Grassroots Motivation

ARPA Canada Grassroots Manager, Colin Postma ARPA’s Manager of Grassroots Engagement was on the road last week. Colin Postma made a number of stops in BC and Alberta, trying to find new ways to get folks engaged. He says they tried a different approach this time, breaking the participants down into small discussion groups for brainstorming sessions. “After that, the group(s) would put their ideas together and cycle them around the room.” He says the goal was to “get people inside the ARPA mentality, coming up with new ideas for how...

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Holding Hands - United Community Sunset Background

28 Feb 2017 Relationships First: Shaping Our Nation One Person at a Time

Southern Ontario residents, If you are looking for a warm, encouraging, and practical lesson about making a difference in our communities and country, we encourage you to attend the speech below, and to take some family members or friends. Date: Wednesday, March 8 at 8:00 pm Location: Smithville Canadian Reformed Church (directions) Speaker: Mark Penninga, ARPA Canada Organizers: Niagara ARPA & Post Confession of Faith Lectures RSVP on the Facebook event by clicking here! Relationships First: Shaping Our Nation One Person at a Time As Gideon had to learn, God doesn’t need large numbers for us to see success....

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28 Feb 2017 CPC Leadership Update

The 14 candidates for the leadership of the Conservative Party of Canada continue to make the rounds, trying to round up votes. We Need a Law director Mike Schouten attended a debate among 12 of those candidates in Langley, BC earlier this month. It was held in a greenhouse that had been converted, essentially, into a theatre. Schouten says only one candidate, Pierre Lemieux, brought up the issue of pre-born human rights. The other candidates, Schouten says, “didn’t bite” on the issue, largely because they had a good sense that...

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28 Feb 2017 ARPA at the Manning Networking Conference

ARPA staff spent Friday and Saturday last week at the annual Manning Networking Conference in Ottawa. Executive Director Mark Penninga says it's an annual opportunity for networking. “The thing with relationships is that they take time to build,” Penninga says. “And by going year after year, we show [other conservatives] that we’re here to stay, and that an explicitly Christian perspective on these issues in the public square is something that they need to consider.” Penninga says there’s also a need to expand that relationship-building beyond the generally conservative base that...

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28 Feb 2017 God and Government Youth Conference

Preparations continue for ARPA Canada’s first God and Government Youth Conference in Ottawa. Grassroots engagement manager Colin Postma, says there were a total of 44 applications from across the country for 28 positions. Notifications will now go out to the people who’ve been selected. Postma says the conference will feature training and engagement, with opportunities for participants to meet with MPs and Senators as part of the event. The final day will also include an opportunity to participate in the annual Reformed Pro-Life prayer service and the annual March for...

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