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“Everyone must submit himself to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established.” – Romans 13:1

The state is a huge institution in Canada. It has become responsible for almost every aspect of our lives. But should it be this way? What should our governments be responsible for? How should our electoral system work? These are some of the issues being looked at in this section.


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21 Feb 2017 Bigotry in the Senate?

Senator Marilou McPhedran Senator Don Plett Senate Speaker George Furey There was an emotional debate in the Senate last week about language and choice of words. On the feature this week, we present an edited version of that debate, which started when Manitoba Senator Don Plett rose on a point of order. ---- Senator Plett: Yesterday in this chamber, a senator in her maiden speech, her first speech in the Senate, accused me of bigotry… To attribute such a serious charge as bigotry to the phrase "these people" is preposterous, and I will read what I...

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21 Feb 2017 Alberta Director

ARPA Canada is hiring again. A call went out last week for the position of “Alberta Director.” Executive Director Mark Penninga says the organization has long been aware of the need for an “increasing presence” in Alberta, especially with the recent challenges in the education system there. As to the particulars of the job, Penninga says they envision it being about 60% grassroots engagement, building relationships with churches, schools, and local ARPA chapters. “The other large component of the job,” Penninga says, will involve “going directly to the Alberta government, lobbying,...

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21 Feb 2017 Tax Breaks for Independent Schools

Conservative Leadership Candidate Andrew Scheer One of the candidates for the leadership of the federal Conservative Party is proposing tax breaks for families who educate their children outside of the public school system. Andrew Scheer unveiled a policy position last week, promising tuition tax credits of up to four thousand dollars per child for families who have children in independent schools, and one thousand dollars per child for home-schooling families. Scheer says this is a logical extension of existing federal policy which provides some tax relief to parents who pay post-secondary...

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Alberta Director hiring

16 Feb 2017 ARPA Canada is hiring – Alberta Director

The Association for Reformed Political Action (ARPA) Canada is a non-profit organization devoted to educating, equipping, and encouraging Canada’s Reformed Christians to political action and bringing a biblical perspective to our civil governments. By God’s grace, and through the support of Albertans, we are looking to greatly expand our work in Alberta by adding a full-time team member dedicated to executing our mission in that province.
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GGY Meme

16 Dec 2016 God and Government Youth Conference 2017

Are you a student interested in Canadian Politics? Do you want to make a difference? Do we have an opportunity for you! We are very excited to announce that we will be hosting our first ever God and Government Youth conference from May 8 - 11, 2017 at our new Ottawa office! DEADLINE has passed. Applications are currently being processed. You should have a response before the end of February. See the video below for a further update.       ...

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25 Nov 2016 Have Your Say: Liberal Budget 2017 Consultations Now Open

In preparation for their 2017 Spring Budget, the Liberal government is allowing Canadians to participate in the process. From their budget consultation page, “Tell us how we can help your family, strengthen the middle class and grow Canada’s economy. When you have an economy that works for the middle class, you have a country that works for everyone. That’s why our approach to growing the economy puts people first.” Take Action We encourage you to get involved in the budget consultation process. There are three means of getting involved: 1. Take the...

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ARPA Canadian Fall Tour 2016

30 Aug 2016 Fall Tour 2016 – When the Foundations Crumble

This Fall, join us for our annual speaking tour as we present in 14 cities in BC, Manitoba and Ontario between September 26 and October 14. This year we are focusing on three key issues: Transgenderism, Pornography and our Culture of Death. When we read the newspaper, watch the evening news, or even as we scroll through our newsfeeds on social media, we can easily become discouraged by the brokenness of this world. But there is good news!
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Jonathan and his armour-bearer

02 Aug 2016 “It may be…”

Winning isn’t on us. But God does calls on us to show up By Rob Schouten Israel’s very first prince lived at a time when God’s people were facing a foe that was large, powerful, and in control of their country. If this description strikes you as all too familiar then it will be instructive to consider how Jonathan responded to such a foe. For the first prince of Israel was a godly man. Right from the first time we read about him in the Bible, this young man captures our admiration. We admire him because he's such...

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