Canadian Politics

“Everyone must submit himself to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established.” – Romans 13:1

The state is a huge institution in Canada. It has become responsible for almost every aspect of our lives. But should it be this way? What should our governments be responsible for? How should our electoral system work? These are some of the issues being looked at in this section.


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05 Oct 2018 God and Government Youth Conference 2019

Are you a student interested in Canadian Politics? Do you want to make a difference? Do we have an opportunity for you! We are very excited to announce that we will be hosting our second God and Government Youth conference from February 6 - 8, 2019 at our Ottawa office! Applications are open to any Grade 11 or 12 students attending a Reformed church in Canada. The deadline to apply is December 7, 2018. This conference will educate students on current political issues and equip them to get involved. Interested students are required to complete an online...

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29 Aug 2018 Updated Job Posting – Administrative Assistant for WNAL Campaign

The (WNAL) campaign is a public awareness campaign with a mission to engage and equip Canadians in the political process to change minds, change laws, and save pre-born lives. It is an initiative of the Association for Reformed Political Action (ARPA) Canada. Due to a maternity leave we are looking for an administrative assistant to address our ongoing needs in carrying out the mission of WNAL. Note: This is a one-year replacement position with the possibility of turning into a permanent part-time position after the maternity leave period is over.
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27 Aug 2018 ARPA Canada Fall Tour 2018 – Are you ready for what’s coming?

It’s been nearly 50 years since Canada legalized abortion. Today, we are the only country in the world with no legal restrictions. We have a plan to change that. Are you ready for what’s coming? - Mike Schouten, Director of Advocacy  This past June, our Supreme Court struck a blow against religious freedom in the Trinity Western law school decision. The Court dramatically narrowed Charter protections for our charities, schools and for Christian professionals. Are you ready for what’s coming? - André Schutten, Director of Law and Policy ...

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24 Jul 2018 Charities are free to do political advocacy, Ontario court rules

Implications for charities and potential charities Registered charities may issue charitable tax receipts for donations. That’s a big benefit for any donor-funded organization, if it can be registered as a charity. Canadian law says a registered charity can only engage in “political activities” that are “ancillary and incidental” to its charitable activities. Those activities will then be deemed charitable, since all a charity’s activities must be charitable. The Canada Revenue Agency sets a 10% limit on the portion of resources that a charity may devote to ancillary political activities. But on July 16,...

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04 Jul 2018 E-petitions, Ice Cream, and Blasphemy

by Mark Penninga Earlier this year, e-petition maker posted a petition and call for a boycott in response to a Toronto-based chain of ice-cream stores called “Sweet Jesus.” More petitions like it quickly followed. It isn’t only their name that is blasphemous. The company mocks our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ in their marketing, symbols, and even the names they use for their ice-cream flavours. The mainstream media, always on the look-out for examples of perceived Christian fundamentalism, were quick to pick up the story of the petitions and boycotts. TV networks...

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07 Jun 2018 Ontario Election: Congratulations and Call to Prayer

ARPA Canada congratulates all newly elected or re-elected members of the legislative assembly of Ontario.  And we congratulate the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario and its leader Doug Ford for their election victory. We pray for peace and strength and a time of refreshing for all candidates, as an election can be very physically and emotionally draining. For those elected, may they be blessed as they prepare to take up their work as representatives and legislators. For those not elected, may they experience a smooth return to their work or be...

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23 May 2018 ARPA’s Ontario Election Report

Ontario’s provincial election is Thursday, June 7 – just two weeks away! Be sure to mark it in your calendar. As always, ARPA Canada wants to help you get informed about the issues and equipped for action. We hope this Election Report helps. Part I introduces seven important policy issues. Part II recaps action items with a concise bullet-point list. Part III provides a list of ARPA resources to consult if you’d like to learn more about any of these issues. Part I: THE ISSUES This Ontario Election Report will cover the...

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09 May 2018 Opposition in Alberta refuses to oppose abortion bubble zone bill, choosing to literally walk away from the debate

By Lighthouse News A law to restrict speech, persuasion, and protests near abortion clinics in Alberta continues to move through the legislature. Bill 9 received second reading last week. Not only will the bill substantially interfere with freedom of expression of pro-lifers, it will obliterate the opportunity for any alternative help for pregnant women. Alberta’s opposition United Conservative Party is following through on a pledge not to vote on the proposal - either for or against. Leader Jason Kenney has labelled it a piece of "political mischief" from the governing NDP, designed to distract...

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08 May 2018 Controversy over abortion attestation requirement for summer jobs funding continues with law suits rolling out

By Lighthouse News The federal government's controversial "attestation requirement" for the Canada Summer Jobs program is being challenged in court again. Earlier this year, Toronto Right to Life launched a lawsuit over the attestation requirement on the basis that the demand for applicants to affirm so-called "Charter Rights" on reproductive choice - in other words, expressing support for the government's position on abortion - was a violation of the freedom of religion and freedom of conscience guarantees of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Now, a small irrigation company in Brooks Alberta...

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21 Apr 2018 God and Government 2018 Day 3

  Click here to watch slideshow by Michael Zwiep The third day of non-partisan Parliament Hill advocacy at ARPA's God & Government conference began with a meditation by Dr. Ted Van Raalte, Professor of Ecclesiology at the Canadian Reformed Theological Seminary in Hamilton. Delegates were directed to 1 Timothy 6:11-21, 2 Timothy 3:10-17 and the commission of the man of God. The messengers of Christ, either in the ordained office of the ministry of the Word and Sacraments in the proclamation of the Gospel, or in the offices of Prophet, Priest and King in the...

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