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“Everyone must submit himself to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established.” – Romans 13:1

The state is a huge institution in Canada. It has become responsible for almost every aspect of our lives. But should it be this way? What should our governments be responsible for? How should our electoral system work? These are some of the issues being looked at in this section.


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05 Feb 2018 BC Action Item: Voting on how to vote

The Electoral Reform Referendum 2018 Act, passed in the fall of 2017, requires that a referendum respecting proportional representation voting system be conducted by mail in ballot no later than November 30, 2018. This means for the third time in the past fifteen years, British Columbia is going to vote on whether to ditch the First Past the Post voting system in favor of some form of proportional representation. The Act does not state what question will be asked in the referendum nor does it prescribe a form for the question....

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23 Jan 2018 LN feature – God and Government: Apply now!

ARPA Canada Grassroots Manager, Colin Postma On the feature this week, a look ahead to this year‚Äôs God and Government conference, which is being planned for April 18-20th in Ottawa. The guest is ARPA‚Äôs Grassroots Manager, Colin Postma, who is one of the main organizers of the event. -------   LN: We don't often find the words "God" and "government" even in the same sentence. In some sectors of society, there's an outright hostility to "mixing religion and politics." But that's the title of this conference. This is pretty counter-cultural. CP: Well, Al, ultimately that's the mission...

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22 Jan 2018 Abortion rights coalition comes out against Liberals plan to block pro-life organizations from accessing summer job grants

The federal government is being urged by yet another voice to modify their controversial "attestation" policy in the application process for the Canada Summer Jobs program.  Just before Christmas, the government unveiled a requirement that all businesses and organizations who wanted funds from the program would have to affirm their support for Charter rights, including the notion of "reproductive rights" which included unrestricted abortion. The requirement sparked a storm of protest from pro-life groups and other faith-based organizations which use the funding to provide services ranging from refugee resettlement to summer camp...

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19 Jan 2018 ARPA Canada is hiring – Webmaster, Developer, and Video Editor

The Association for Reformed Political Action (ARPA) Canada is a non-profit organization devoted to educating, equipping, and encouraging political action among members of Canada’s Reformed churches and shining the light of God’s Word to our civil governments. We are seeking a qualified person or persons to assist us as an employee or contractor to fill the roles of:
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17 Jan 2018 Radio Ads: Canada Summer Jobs Attestation

Did you hear our radio ads? Then please join us in calling for a change to this requirement by contacting your MP. Send an EasyMail to your MP or give them a call. Let them know the problems you have with this policy and what you think about an ideological screening. Let them know if you have used this program (either as an employer or a student) and the impact the loss of funding will have on your community. Click below for more: What is a ‚ÄúCore Mandate‚ÄĚ Call Your MP...

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16 Jan 2018 LN feature: Liberals block pro-life organizations from Canada Summer Jobs Program

Tabitha Ewert, Articling Student On the feature this week, an analysis of the legal principles underlying the federal government’s decision to change the eligibility criteria for the Canada Summer Jobs Program. The analysis comes from Tabitha Ewert, who’s completing a year of articling as a law student with ARPA and WeNeedaLAW. --- LN: So the Canada Summer Jobs Program - right around Christmas time - they came out with a new criterion for the application. There's some history here. Last year, there were three pro-life groups that were denied funding; they went to court....

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16 Jan 2018 Governing Liberals block pro-life organizations from accessing Canada Summer Jobs Program funding

Jonathon Van Maren, Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform Blaise Alleyn, Toronto Right to Life Association Tabitha Ewert, Articling Student There's been a major development in a federal policy on student employment funding. Shortly before they went home for Christmas, Members of Parliament were briefed on changes to the rules for the Canada Summer Jobs program for 2018. The biggest change is that any organization looking for government subsidies to hire students this summer will need to sign on to an attestation which says: "Both the job and the organization’s core mandate respect individual human rights...

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16 Jan 2018 Abortion becoming an issue in provincial party leadership campaigns

Scott Hayward, co-founder of Right Now The pro-life group "Right Now" is out with some suggested ranked ballots for political party leadership races. In Saskatchewan, members of the governing Saskatchewan Party will be voting on January 27th to replace their retiring leader, Brad Wall, while in BC, members of the provincial Liberal Party will vote next month on a replacement for Christy Clark, who lost a provincial election last year. Right Now surveyed the contenders in both leadership races. In Saskatchewan, they ranked Ken Cheveldayoff as the candidate most in line with...

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12 Jan 2018 More information on the Canada Summer Jobs program: does it really block pro-life organizations?

ARPA Canada has received some questions about the Canada Summer Jobs program and about our statement that "The Government is intentionally seeking to prevent organizations that hold pro-life views - even if they do not do pro-life advocacy - to receive funding." Specifically how does this statement line up with Prime Minister Trudeau’s recent comments as reported in the National Post. The following is ARPA’s response: To start, our opinion is that the government intended to prevent certain groups from receiving funding, but its attestation requirement is having a wider effect. There are a lot of...

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12 Jan 2018 Western Canada Triumphs over the East in ARPA Canada’s Letter to the Editor Contest

5 Winning Letters Announced! Perhaps it’s the inspirational mountain peaks or the great big skies of the prairies, or maybe it’s the freedom-loving hearts of those living in Canada’s western provinces. Whatever may explain it, the West trounced the East in ARPA Canada’s 2017 Letter to the Editor Contest, with close to five times more letters published and submitted! Congratulations BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba. Once again you are leading this country by example! Contestants published and submitted 47 quality letters to the editor which were read by tens of thousands of Canadians....

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