Canadian Politics

“Everyone must submit himself to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established.” – Romans 13:1

The state is a huge institution in Canada. It has become responsible for almost every aspect of our lives. But should it be this way? What should our governments be responsible for? How should our electoral system work? These are some of the issues being looked at in this section.


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12 Sep 2017 LN Feature: Stomping on your Toes

Dr. David Koyzis There's a provincial election coming up in Ontario less than a year from now. Voters are due to go to the polls on June 8th, 2018, and there's a lot of turmoil in Ontario politics heading into that vote. Patrick Brown's PC Party is facing considerable internal dissension; several unsuccessful nominees are going to court, challenging the way nomination procedures have been run. Social conservatives in that province are becoming increasingly concerned with what they see as a drift by the Ontario PCs into social liberalism. That has prompted the...

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05 Sep 2017 ARPA Fall Tour

Plans have now been finalized for the annual ARPA fall tour. This year's tour starts September 25th, and wraps up on October 20th. Hannah Sikkema is coordinating the events, and she says the focus this year is on the question of authority. “We all know that we’re all under an ultimate authority, and the question that we’re posing to our audience(s) is: ‘Is that authority Christ or the state?’ And we would obviously say it’s Christ.” The tour this year is being split into two sections, with two different sets of...

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22 Aug 2017 Bible Project

ARPA's Executive Director, Mark Penninga ARPA’s “Bibles Project” is more than halfway to its funding goal. Executive Director Mark Penninga says the organization is committed to seeing this through, for several very good reasons. “Beneath the legal and political battles of our day, there’s the age-old spiritual battle. It’s what Ephesians says about our struggle being against not flesh and blood, but the rulers and authorities and the powers of this dark world. And although a vast majority of ARPA’s efforts involve trying to communicate Biblical truths in a way that’s...

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18 Aug 2017 ARPA Canada Fall Tour 2017 – Who is Sovereign?

Would you be okay with a judge telling the elders of your church how to exercise church discipline? Would you be okay with the premier telling you how to raise your kids? It is beginning to happen. And it doesn’t stop there. The Supreme Court will hear a case to decide whether they have the power to overturn a church discipline decision. Laws continue to be introduced limiting how parents can educate, discipline and raise their children. How should we respond? Join us as we together strive to honour Christ’s authority over all. We will be on tour across Canada...

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25 Jul 2017 LN Feature: Truth at the Crossroads

Dr. Scott Masson, Associate Professor of English - Tyndale University College On the feature this week, a look at a new media enterprise promoting a Christian worldview on the humanities, and on the human condition generally. It’s a new website, and the man behind it is Dr. Scott Masson. He's an Associate Professor of English at Tyndale University College in Toronto. In the past, Dr. Masson has also been associated with Joe Boot's Ezra Institute and the Westminster Classical Christian Academy in Toronto. LN: So you've started a new enterprise - a new...

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20 Jun 2017 Sharing the Word of God with every Canadian politician: 1,200 Bibles to be distributed this year

Bryan Grim, Chair of the Board, ARPA Canada ARPA Canada has launched a new project in recognition of Canada's 150th birthday and the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation. The organization is trying to get Bibles placed into the offices of every federal and provincial MP, MLA, MPP, and MNA in the country. That's about 1,200 Bibles. ARPA Board Chair Bryan Grim says the idea came after Executive Director Mark Penninga visited some MLA’s offices in Edmonton. "He realized that on the shelves in their offices they had a number of books;...

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06 Jun 2017 Ontario legislature passes troubling new family bill, but not without dissenting voices

The Ontario legislature has now passed Bill 89, the “Supporting Children, Youth and Families Act, 2017.” This new law effectively gives the province the right to seize children from families who oppose LGBTQ+ and transgender ideologies, and allows government agencies to effectively ban couples who disagree with the government on those issues from fostering or adopting children. The final vote on the bill was held last Thursday morning, and it received royal assent Thursday afternoon. ARPA and other pro-family groups had been putting a lot of pressure on MPPs to vote against...

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06 Jun 2017 LN Feature: It’s Andrew Scheer – Now What?

- Scott Hayward, co-founder of Right Now Mike Schouten, Director of Advocacy On the feature this week, two interviews about the election of Mr. Andrew Scheer as Leader of the Conservative Party of Canada. Scheer won the post at a leadership convention in Toronto on May 27th - in a preferential ballot that went to 13 counts. In the end, he beat out Quebec libertarian candidate Maxime Bernier. Scheer got just under 51% of the points in the Party's riding by riding distribution system; Bernier ended up with just over 49%. Since the win, Scheer...

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01 Jun 2017 “Safe Injection Sites” – Coming to a City Near You?

By John Sikkema “Safe” or “supervised” injection sites provide drug users with clean needles and medical supervision for injecting narcotics. So far, there are none in Canada outside of Vancouver. But that is likely to change. Parliament just made it a lot easier to establish safe injection sites with Bill C-37, which passed earlier this month. Canada’s Health Minister is currently reviewing 19 applications for such sites, and more applications are expected. Another win for “harm reduction” You may recall the 2011 Insite case (Canada v PHS Community Services Society), in which the Supreme...

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23 May 2017 New lawyer coming on board with ARPA

Tabitha Ewert, Articling Student There’s a new staff member coming alongside the ARPA team. Tabitha Ewert has just finished her law degree at the University of British Columbia and she’s moving to Ottawa this summer to do a year of articling with ARPA's legal team. To start her training, Tabitha attended the Christian Legal Institute conference in London, Ontario earlier this month. She says the experience was very intense. “We spent about 8 hours of every day in lectures or discussions, and we would then carry over those discussions into meal times...

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