Six days you shall labour and do all your work….” – Exodus 20:9

Our labour, and how we spend our finances, can function as an important part of fulfilling our cultural mandate. In Genesis 1 God commanded us to develop the earth and rule over it. We work to glorify God – not just to put food on the table. Our work, finances, and all material possessions come from God and are meant to be directed towards Him.

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17 Sep 2020 Recovering Fiscal Responsibility

For the last quarter-century, red and blue Canadian governments have both prided themselves on their dedication to “fiscal responsibility” or, in more Christian parlance, fiscal stewardship. Previous administrations were committed to some version of the ideal of not further indebting (future) Canadian taxpayers. Jean Chretien and Paul Martin set the stage for ten years of consecutive budgetary surpluses. That was fiscal responsibility. Stephen Harper, even while opting to spend billions of deficit-financed dollars for recovery from the Financial Crisis, always had a balanced budget in his mind’s eye. That also...

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08 Jul 2020 Counting the Cost of COVID Part IV: Forecasting our Financial Future

by Levi Minderhoud In the last two blog posts on the financial effects of COVID, I compared the current deficit to past deficits and critiqued government spending in response to government-mandated lockdown. Now it is time to anticipate the future financial impacts of COVID. Will this recent spending bankrupt our country? The short answer is… no. At least, not yet.Will this recent spending bankrupt our country? The short answer is… no. At least, not yet. This year’s federal deficit is currently projected to be $343 billion or 15.9% of GDP, although that number will...

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02 Jul 2020 Counting the Cost of COVID Part III: Evaluating Canada’s Current Deficit

Updated July 8, 2020 by Levi Minderhoud My previous blog post in this series compared Canada’s current deficit to the deficits in Canada’s past. At $343 billion, or 15.9% of GDP, Canada is spending more money to combat COVID than any other war or major disaster in Canada’s history except for during the Second World War. This begs the question, should the federal government spend so much to combat this virus? A Couple of Caveats Before answering the question of how much money the government should spend, I must address a couple of caveats. First,...

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25 Jun 2020 Ruth the Can Collector: The Case for Restoring Old Testament Gleaning Principles

  By Mark Penninga If Ruth the Moabite lived today, she would probably have resorted to collecting empties from recycling bins and on the sides of roads to feed herself and her mother-in-law, Naomi. Few Bible stories warm my heart like that of Ruth. When Ruth moved to Israel from Moab with her mother-in-law Naomi, she was vulnerable on a number of levels: widowed, without children, a foreigner, and the caregiver of her mother-in-law, who was also widowed.If Ruth the Moabite lived today, she would probably have resorted to collecting empties from recycling...

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24 Jun 2020 Counting the Cost of COVID Part II: Comparing to Past Crises

Updated July 8, 2020 by Levi Minderhoud In the first blog post in this series, I delved into the wisdom and morality of government debts, deficits, and aid from a Christian perspective. I concluded that incurring debt is often unwise and sometimes even immoral, but as long as the government has the ability to repay their debt, and the norm is a balanced budget, debt can justifiably be incurred. The Bible also teaches that individuals, families, and churches – not just governments – have significant roles to play in assisting the financially...

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17 Jun 2020 Counting the Cost of COVID Part I: A Christian Introduction

by Levi Minderhoud  Months after governments declared public health emergencies, COVID still dominates headlines and lifestyles. We at ARPA have tried to respectfully explain the essential nature of worship services and urge respect for fundamental freedoms. We’ve also evaluated the impact of government policies on long-term-care residents and workers. But there is another piece of the COVID puzzle that Christians must address: its monetary cost to our government and country. This blog post initiates a four-part series on the monetary cost of the “COVID Crisis.” This first post aims to articulate a...

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20 Feb 2020 Reflections on British Columbia’s Throne Speech and Budget

Photo Credit: The Canadian Press/Chad Hipolito By: Levi Minderhoud   British Columbia’s political culture doesn’t align with the stereotypes that many in the country have about this province. Many Canadians see us as left-leaning, granola-crunching hippies, yet the province has been governed by center-right parties for much of the past 70 years. The province is the least religious province in Canada, yet its MLAs are given the most freedom to lead the legislature in prayer. The province lacks a major socially conservative party yet has been more receptive and generous towards independent Christian...

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19 Sep 2017 LN Feature: Got Pulled Over

Jon Dykstra, Editor of Reformed Perspective The State of Colorado is considering a ballot initiative - a referendum - on the idea that traffic ticket revenues (the fines that are paid for things like speeding), should be paid to victims of specific offences, or donated to charities. On the feature this week, we talk with Reformed Perspective editor Jon Dykstra about the proposal. LN: "What if speeding tickets were paid to charities?" That was a headline in a recent edition of Reformed Perspective magazine; a column written by Jon Dykstra. Jon, this...

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25 Nov 2016 Have Your Say: Liberal Budget 2017 Consultations Now Open

In preparation for their 2017 Spring Budget, the Liberal government is allowing Canadians to participate in the process. From their budget consultation page, “Tell us how we can help your family, strengthen the middle class and grow Canada’s economy. When you have an economy that works for the middle class, you have a country that works for everyone. That’s why our approach to growing the economy puts people first.” Take Action We encourage you to get involved in the budget consultation process. There are three means of getting involved: 1. Take the...

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Jordan Bateman of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation speaks to God & Government delegates

18 May 2016 GG16 Spotlight: Taking on Goliath with Jordan Bateman

Does the prospect of swimming against the political tide in Canada intimidate you? Have you ever Jordan Bateman of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation speaks to God & Government delegates felt like the metaphorical David, armed with little power and few resources, facing the Goliath of secular culture and its many allies? Many attendees at God & Government 2016 have undoubtedly felt like this during at least some point in their political activism. On Wednesday morning, God & Government attendees were privileged and encouraged to hear Jordan Bateman of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation (CTF) tell the story of their “David and Goliath” victory over a proposed transit tax in the Vancouver municipality. Translink, Vancouver’s regional transportation authority, receives 1.4B in municipal taxes, and in 2014 they wanted more. Jordan Bateman, in his work with the Canadian Taxpayers Federation, had already exposed TransLink as a wasteful organization, documenting their excesses, inefficiencies, and inability manage money; his work had made the TransLink brand toxic. As a result, Premier Christy Clark had declared in her 2013 campaign that a re-elected Liberal government would not allow any new municipal taxes without a referendum.
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