Six days you shall labour and do all your work….” – Exodus 20:9

Our labour, and how we spend our finances, can function as an important part of fulfilling our cultural mandate. In Genesis 1 God commanded us to develop the earth and rule over it. We work to glorify God – not just to put food on the table. Our work, finances, and all material possessions come from God and are meant to be directed towards Him.

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16 Mar 2012 Excellent Video: Balancing the Federal Budget in One Easy Lesson

The following video does an excellent job of showing that our civil governments can (and must) control spending. We recommend sharing this clip with your MP (send them the link). What this video doesn't point out is that a growing state necessarily means that civil government is taking over jurisdiction that God has not entrusted to it (see Romans 13). Society is abdicating its responsibilities to the State, and the secular State welcomes the new power.

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24 Oct 2011 Occupy Wall Street? An ARPA Canada Commentary

Update (Oct. 27, 2011): An Addendum has been added to this article. By André Schutten and Mark Penninga ( Mr. Warren Kinsella wrote an article on the Occupy Wall Street movement which started in the United States and moved to Canadian cities last week. He asked the question, "What would Jesus do (WWJD)" with this movement? After quoting different new testament passages, he concludes with this: "...the Occupiers are a bit Christ-like. As noted most memorably in Matthew 25:31, when Judgment Day arrives, the ones who will be admitted into the Kingdom are the ones who have done the most for "the least" among us — the hungry, the sick, the poor. If you strive to know Him, like some of us do, there can't be much doubt that the rabbi named Jesus Christ was no capitalist. ....He'd be right down there with them, chanting against the bankers and the politicians who do the bankers' bidding." [Read all of Mr. Kinsella's argument here.] Is this really what Jesus would do? We think not. It is what a secular humanist would like Jesus to do.
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09 Sep 2011 Christians vs. Capitalism?

By Michael Wagner, Originally published in the November 2010 issue of Reformed Perspective magazine (, pages 7-9: The capitalist West has the highest standard of living in human history. But despite this, capitalism is under constant criticism. Certain intellectuals and activists blame it for many human problems, especially poverty, since there remain many poor people in the West.
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10 Aug 2011 A Society of Entitlement

André Schutten - With the riots in London making front page news, I found the comments of Kelly McParland pretty bang-on.  A society built on entitlement, where the government exists solely to give me everything I need, nay, everything I want, will eventually suffer. What we see in London and in the United States markets now, and saw in Greece only a few months ago, it all screams the self-centered entitlement mantra. As stated so eloquently elsewhere, "This Greek tragedy holds lessons for all world economies, Canada’s included. A Leviathan state will ultimately be crushed by its own weight, not only that of its ballooning debt, but the attitude that underpins its largesse. When the government cares for citizens from cradle to grave, individuals lose the will and ability to support themselves. They also routinely bite and cheat the hand that feeds them: The state may be responsible for everyone, but no one takes responsibility for the state."
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06 Jun 2011 Cardus Analysis of Federal Budget

True, the political uncertainty of its passage has been removed, and the rhetoric of stability dominates, but there is good reason to believe underneath this rhetoric the government is preparing for a coming storm in Canadian politics: one which they intend to shape and survive. The increased emphasis on expenditure review and the advanced targets for returning to surplus are just two indicators that this budget is really about battening down the hatches and rolling out the foundations for shaping tomorrow's social architecture....

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28 Mar 2011 Income Splitting Takes Centre Stage in Election Campaign

ARPA Note: Allowing families to split their income for tax purposes so that it isn't a penalty to have one parent stay at home has been promoted for years by Christians. And it looks like it is now finally being raised as a possibility. But there are strings attached. Globe and Mail, March 28 2011: Stephen Harper is kicking off the 2011 campaign battle for the middle class vote with a $2.5-billion tax break pledge aimed at parents of children under 18. But there's a huge...

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22 Mar 2011 Cardus Budget Analysis: Good News for Economy, Ho-Hum for Society

OTTAWA, March 22, 2011—Ray Pennings, Director of Research for Cardus, suggested that although the details of today's Canadian federal budget will likely be overshadowed by the immediate political considerations, the budget should also be examined for the vision of prosperity it presumes for society. "The progress made in reducing spending and restoring financial stability needs to be accompanied by the recognition that social enterprise, charities and natural communities including families also must flourish if Canadians will enjoy prosperity," said Pennings.
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07 Feb 2011 Make the Tax System Fairer for Families

By Dave Quist, National Post: Feb 7 2011: As speculation grows about the upcoming federal budget, Finance Minister Jim Flaherty recently commented that he’d consider pension reform to help seniors struggling to make ends meet. He then specified that he wanted to assist “particularly some single, older Canadians who are not entitled to the Canada Pension Plan, because in their day they worked at home, raising children.” Read more ...

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09 Dec 2010 A little Orwell with your union dues?

Karen Salick (Canadian Constitution Foundation) Winnipeg Free Press, December 9, 2010:  Historically, labour unions have done a remarkable job of persuading the general public that unions toil for the benefit of the average worker.  But in a case currently unfolding in Alberta, a group of 29 average workers has rejected that thesis, and the union doesn’t like it.
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