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16 May 2017 Special Donor Opportunity: ARPA’s Bible Project

Help us bring God’s Word to every MP, Senator, MLA and MPP in Canada!     This year marks the 150th birthday of Canada and the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. To commemorate the special occasion, with your help, ARPA Canada is hoping to present a Bible to every one of our approximately 1,200 federal and provincial government officials. We plan to include a special card encouraging them to look to God’s Word for life and wisdom. “So is my word that goes out from my mouth: It will not return to me...

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09 May 2017 LN Feature: Byfield speaks out – Stopping the Current Onslaught in Education

Ted Byfield Ted Byfield. He was the publisher of the Western Report and Alberta Report magazines from the late 70's to the early 90's. He was involved in the formation of the Reform Party back in that period, and he's the man widely credited with first coining the phrase "the West wants in." After the magazine folded, he edited a book series on the history of Christianity. Ted Byfield, for a lot of western Canadians at least, is an icon of the modern conservative movement. Mr. Byfield is almost 90 years old now, and...

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09 May 2017 Notwithstanding clause looming in Saskatchewan

Harry Moes, Education Policy Consultant - ARPA Canada Saskatchewan Premier Brad wall is threatening to invoke the Constitution's Notwithstanding Clause to counter a recent court decision on Catholic education in his province. That clause allows governments to override court rulings which find certain laws or government practices unconstitutional; the notion is that, "notwithstanding" those court rulings, those laws or practices can remain in place. ARPA Canada’s education policy consultant Harry Moes says the case has a long history. “It actually dates back to 2003. There was the closure of a small (public)...

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09 May 2017 Another inappropriate government website for Alberta kids

Theresa Ng More inappropriate content has surfaced on a website that the Alberta government has been recommending to students struggling with issues of sexual identity and expression. Theresa Ng with the Informed Albertans blog uncovered a whole slew of inappropriate links a few months ago, and the government took them down, but last week, another link surfaced, this one entitled "Sex from A to Z". It resembles an electronic set of alphabet flash cards but with extremely graphic descriptors for each of the letters in the alphabet. (A description of those flash...

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25 Apr 2017 Pro-Life Education – Is it appropriate?

ARPA Canada Executive Director, Mark Penninga There was a major controversy in Alberta earlier this month over whether or not the pro-life position should be able to get a hearing in the Catholic school system. The issue started when a young woman made a presentation to a Catholic High School in Red Deer. On the feature this week, we speak with ARPA Canada’s Executive Director Mark Penninga about what’s really behind the story. LN: Mark, this case involves ARPA, at least peripherally. Just before Easter, there was a young lady who was...

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18 Apr 2017 An Open Letter to Alberta’s Minister of Education

ARPA Canada routinely asks for you, our supporters, to submit respectful letters to our elected representatives. Every once in a while we see an example that is extraordinary in its tone, content and force. Below is one such example. Dear Minister Eggen, I hope this message finds you well. I am writing primarily in regards to the controversy surrounding the recent showing of "The Case Against Abortion: Personhood." However, I will also take this opportunity to share my perspective and concern on your approach to education more generally. My family and I live...

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18 Apr 2017 Push for parental rights in Alberta continues

Theresa Ng Pressure is mounting on the Alberta government over those Gay-Straight Alliance Clubs. Blogger Theresa Ng, who's been covering this issue ever since the introduction of Bill 10, is asking parents across the province to write to Education Minister David Eggen, and to ask him some specific questions about links to pornographic websites on a government-sponsored page; links that she exposed on her blog last month. She says the letters should be a maximum of one page, and ask the Minister for public assurances that “the people who were responsible...

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12 Apr 2017 Speak up for pro-life girl attacked by Alberta Education Minister

Over the past day, numerous Albertan and even national media outlets, along with the Alberta Minister of Education David Eggen, have been criticizing Red Deer Pro-Life and a Roman Catholic school for allowing a pro-life presentation. The media backlash has been fierce, including a call for an immediate investigation and a ministerial order that all non-teacher presenters in Alberta schools be pre-approved by the state. The polite young woman who made that presentation, which is being shared far and wide, is a member of the Reformed community and has previously volunteered for...

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12 Apr 2017 Press Release: Christian Advocacy Group Welcomes Province-wide Investigation of Third Party Influences in Alberta Schools

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE FROM THE ASSOCIATION FOR REFORMED POLITICAL ACTION (ARPA) CANADA April 12, 2017 Christian Advocacy Group Welcomes Province-wide Investigation of Third Party Influences in Alberta Schools  EDMONTON – The Association for Reformed Political Action (ARPA) Canada applauds the call for an inquiry into what students of Alberta schools are exposed to. “The sad truth is that Alberta’s Ministry of Education is the party most guilty of promoting propaganda in provincial schools,” commented ARPA Canada’s Executive Director Mark Penninga. Accessing Information not Myths (AIM), an Alberta-based activist group, is calling for a province-wide investigation...

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11 Apr 2017 LN Feature: My Child, My Chance

Author and Teacher Susan Zuidema This week, a special, full-edition feature interview with Susan Zuidema. Susan is a public school teacher in Brantford, Ontario. She and co-author Charlotte Goulding have written a new book; a Christian critique of the gender and sexual identity ideology embedded in today’s public education system, particularly in the new Ontario sex-education program. LN: Let's start just with a broad outline of the book. What are some of the major points and conclusions you come to here? SZ: Well, the book is called "My Child, My Chance" and its...

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