As of June 17, Bill C-14 became law after bouncing back and forth between the Senate and House of Commons. This formally legalized euthanasia and assisted suicide in Canada. Although this is a tragic choice, our leaders did so in full knowledge of the consequences and a much better alternative.

ARPA’s Legal and Policy Resources on Assisted Suicide and Euthanasia:

04 Apr 2017 Euthanasia happening without regulations in Canada

ARPA Canada lawyer, John Sikkema ARPA Canada is launching a campaign for better reporting and regulations around doctor-assisted suicide. Bill C-14, which legalized the practice last year, envisioned that MAiD would include some regulation. But the way the bill is worded is a bit unusual. It says the Health Minister “must make regulations that he or she considers necessary" on the issue. Those rules are supposed to take effect by June, but ARPA lawyer John Sikkema says the notion that the minister can decide whether or not the regulations are "considered necessary"...

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04 Apr 2017 LN Feature: An Impossible Dilemma

Larry Worthen, The Christian Medical and Dental Society of Canada On the feature this week, we have Larry Worthen from the Christian Medical and Dental Society of Canada. Mr. Worthen gave testimony last week to the Standing Committee on Finance & Economic Affairs at the Ontario Legislature. The Committee is considering Bill 84, a law that would impose some regulations on the provision of Medical Assistance in Dying (MAiD) in the Ontario context, and Worthen’s submission to the Committee centred on the need for “conscience protections” for medical professionals as part...

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28 Mar 2017 Canada Must Start Monitoring “Medically Assisted Dying”

Take Action: Send an EasyMail letter to share your concerns with your MP and MPP    When the Supreme Court of Canada legalized assisted suicide in Carter (2015), it allayed concerns about abuse by quoting the words of the trial judge, who said the risks of legalized assisted suicide can be minimized (not eliminated) through a “carefully designed system that imposes strict limits that are scrupulously monitored and enforced.” Put another way, only through a carefully designed system that is “scrupulously monitored and enforced” can the inherent risks of a legalized assisted suicide regime...

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28 Mar 2017 Canadian doctors harvesting organs from euthanized patients

ARPA's Director of Law and Policy, André Schutten The National Post published an article last week about one of the unintended consequences of the legalization of euthanasia in Canada. The article, headlined "Doctors Harvesting Organs from Canadian Patients who underwent Medically Assisted Death", outlines the ethical dilemma that's starting to crop up in particular euthanasia cases. The article poses the question: “what if people agree to donate (their organs), but then change their mind about hastening death? Would they feel compelled to follow through with the act, knowing the chosen recipients are waiting...

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21 Mar 2017 Normalizing and Professionalizing Euthanasia

Alex Schadenberg, Executive Director, Euthanasia Prevention Coalition A disturbing conference in Victoria, BC is slated to kick off in early June. It's called the "Medical Assistance in Dying" conference, the first of its kind for medical professionals in Canada. Alex Schadenberg with the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition, says the whole idea is troubling. “I’m very concerned about the drift toward acceptance of more and more killing for more and more reasons; the cultural shift that appears to be going on.” Schadenberg says the purpose of the conference is also questionable, because it...

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21 Mar 2017 Québec doctors killing more of their patients

Sean Murphy, Conscience Protection Project The Québec government has released new statistics on the incidence of euthanasia in the province. The numbers show that, in total, 449 people in Québec had their lives ended with the help of a doctor last year. Euthanasia was legalized in Québec in December of 2015; last year was the first full calendar year in which so-called “medical assistance in dying” (MAiD) was legal in that province. The numbers also show that the rate of doctor assisted death grew as the year progressed. In the last six...

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