28 Mar 2017 Was federal budget 2017 family friendly? An expert weighs in

Andrea Mrozek, Program Director - Cardus Family The Trudeau government unveiled the second budget of its mandate last week. There's still no plan to balance the books. The deficit projection for the current fiscal year is at $23-billion, and that goes up to $28.5 billion next year. There were a couple of initiatives with regard to families. Andrea Mrozek with Cardus Family says one of those family initiatives is worth supporting. It relates to parental benefits and maternity leave, where parents can now take a lower payout over 18 months instead...

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21 Mar 2017 Five Bills in Five Years: Gender Ideology in Ontario

By John Sikkema Bill 33 in 2012 (“Toby’s Act”), Bill 13 in 2012 (“Accepting Schools Act”), Bill 77 in 2015 (“Affirming Gender Identity Act”), Bill 28 in 2016 (“All Families Are Equal Act”), and now Bill 89 (“Supporting Children, Youth, and Families Act”): together these bills represent the swift advance of a left-wing social agenda in Ontario. Bill 33 added “gender identity and gender expression” to Ontario’s Human Rights Code in 2012. Ontario was the first jurisdiction in North America to pass such a law. Bill 13 required public and Catholic schools...

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21 Mar 2017 Alberta government caught in porn controversy

Theresa Ng The Alberta government is in hot water for posting links to pornography from a government-sponsored website. The issue was uncovered by blogger Theresa Ng, who runs a site called "Informed Albertans”. Last Monday, Ng was surfing the Alberta government’s Gay-Straight Alliance Network website, a site she says is “funded and recommended” by the Alberta government. The site is organized by the “Institute for Sexual Minority Studies and Services (iSMSS)” from the University of Alberta. Ng was shocked at what she discovered. “There’s a section called ‘community supports’ intended to...

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09 Mar 2017 Is Bill 89 about human rights? Don’t buy it.

Today we tackle the claim that Bill 89 is needed in order to bring Ontario’s child services law into better alignment with human rights law. The Opposition Critic for Children and Youth Services, Sylvia Jones (recently replaced by Gila Martow), expressed her support for the government’s Bill 89 early on, saying, “What I see in the legislation is now it’s just matching what’s in the Human Rights Code.” Here again, the Opposition could use a healthy dose of skepticism as it reviews government legislation. Yes, Bill 89 incorporates the list of protected...

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07 Mar 2017 Time for the Opposition to do its job on Bill 89

John Diefenbaker One talking point we’ve heard regarding the Liberal government’s Bill 89 – from the Opposition – is that it’s hard to oppose a bill that is all about protecting children. But the Opposition’s job is not to use the good in government bills as an excuse for failing to scrutinize and oppose the bad parts. The Opposition’s job is to oppose. Constructively, yes, but oppose nonetheless. As John Diefenbaker, our 13th Prime Minister, said,       If Parliament is to be preserved as a living institution, his Majesty's Loyal Opposition...

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22 Feb 2017 Letter to the Editor Contest

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06 Jan 2017 Bill 89 Pushes Gender Ideology in Child Services

Take Action: Use one of the three EasyMail letters to share your concerns about Bill 89 with your MPP Ontario's Family Law Revolution Continues Ontario's Bill 89, will (if passed) replace the Child and Family Services Act, which governs child protection, foster care, and adoption services. The “Supporting Children, Youth and Families Act” was introduced shortly after the legislature passed Bill 28, the so-called “All Families Are Equal Act”, and reflects similar ideological leanings. Bill 89 requires child protection, foster, adoption service providers, and judges to take into account and respect a child’s “race, ancestry, place of origin, colour, ethnic origin, citizenship,...

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14 Dec 2016 Bill S-206: The Bill to Ban Spanking

Bill S-206, “An Act to amend the Criminal Code (protection of children against standard child-rearing violence)”, will, if passed, remove a provision of the Criminal Code (section 43) that permits parents to use limited, minor physical force for disciplinary purposes. This section of the Criminal Code as interpreted by the Supreme Court of Canada only permits disciplinary force that is sober and reasoned, addresses actual behaviour, and is intended to restrain, control, or express symbolic disapproval of a child’s behaviour. Further, the child must have the capacity to understand and benefit...

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13 Dec 2016 Grassroots Activism on Ontario’s Bill 28 Leaves a Mark

Bill 28 passed its final vote a few weeks ago with the official support of all parties, although a large portion of the Opposition caucus was absent from the vote. The bill, which makes major changes to Ontario family law, will take effect in January. ARPA Canada strongly opposed this bill. You can read our articles What’s a Family Anyway? and FAQ on Ontario’s Bill 28 to learn more about the bill. Unfortunately, the Progressive Conservative Opposition decided not to do their job of questioning the government’s intentions with this bill...

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25 Nov 2016 Have Your Say: Liberal Budget 2017 Consultations Now Open

In preparation for their 2017 Spring Budget, the Liberal government is allowing Canadians to participate in the process. From their budget consultation page, “Tell us how we can help your family, strengthen the middle class and grow Canada’s economy. When you have an economy that works for the middle class, you have a country that works for everyone. That’s why our approach to growing the economy puts people first.” Take Action We encourage you to get involved in the budget consultation process. There are three means of getting involved: 1. Take the...

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