12 Dec 2007 Four Stupid Arguments Against Gay Marriage… and one good one!

by Jon Dykstra(originally appeared in the April 2004 issue of Reformed Perspective and was the winner of the 2004 Word Guild award for Best Feature article) When a Christian politician asked me to write a brochure defending traditional Marriage I thought it would be an easy task – something I could complete in a couple of hours. Three weeks later I still wasn’t finished. The problem was every time I found a good argument defending traditional Marriage I discovered that a gay marriage advocate had come up with an even better rebuttal. My favorite Christian columnists weren’t doing any better. They were fixated on a mere handful of arguments, all of which initially seemed convincing, but ultimately none of them measured up. For example: “Marriage has been this way for thousands of years, so why change it now?”
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12 Dec 2007 BC Corren Agreement

Comments on the proposed Social Justice 12 Curriculumby Rod Taylor [CHP Skeena-Bulkley Valley]Background: the BC Ministry of Education, in cooperation with Attorney General Wally Oppal, made a deal with two homosexual teachers (Corren and Corren), which gave the two men unprecedented influence over the development of new curricula for use in BC schools. The following commentary points out several obvious problem passages for family-values advocates.The following comments on the proposed Social Justice 12 “Integrated Resource Package” (Curriculum) are merely specific points in regard to this blatant attempt by the BC government to introduce significant philosophical changes to current public school curricula.
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26 Oct 2007 It’s Time for a Royal Commission on the Family

By Mark Penninga “Married people outnumbered for the first time” rang out a recent CBC news headline. The story came in response to Statistics Canada releasing its survey of the Canadian family. That survey revealed that for the first time ever in this country, unmarried people over the age of 15 outnumber those who are married. Some other findings were that: - For the first time ever there are more families without children than with children. - There are 1.4...

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