As of June 17, Bill C-14 became law after bouncing back and forth between the Senate and House of Commons. This formally legalized euthanasia and assisted suicide in Canada. Although this is a tragic choice, our leaders did so in full knowledge of the consequences and a much better alternative.

ARPA’s Legal and Policy Resources on Assisted Suicide and Euthanasia:

09 Sep 2010 Death by starvation in Canada?: The case of Kulendran Mayandy

By Derek Miedema, Researcher, Institute of Marriage and Family Canada: You may not have heard the name of Mr. Kulendran (Joshua) Mayandy. Mr. Mayandy passed away on September 6, 2010. However, the hospital care he received was the subject of public discussion and debate for more than two weeks leading up to his death. The hospital maintains that it followed appropriate procedures in Mr. Mayandy’s care. His friends and colleagues disagree.
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08 Sep 2010 There’s no dignity in euthanasia

ARPA Note: You can view our submission to the below-mentioned committee here. You can send your own thoughts to the committee via the form available here. Montreal Gazette, Sept 8, 2010: The start this week of "roadshow" hearings by a National Assembly committee on the issue makes this a suitable time to reassert our view that fitting euthanasia into public policy would be the wrong solution, and a dangerous one. The public debate opened last year after the Quebec College of Physicians endorsed euthanasia -the medically-assisted ending of a...

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23 Jun 2010 ARPA Submission: Dying with Dignity

In spite of Parliament's resounding defeat of Bill C-384 which proposed to legalize euthanasia and assisted suicide, the Quebec government has established a special committee to examine "dying with dignity". In response to their request for submissions, ARPA Canada hs prepared a 12 page submission about the concept of dignity in Canadian law and society, including a Christian perspective. It is based on our resource "Building on Sand: Human Dignity in Canadian Law and Society" which can be purchased here. The submission is attached....

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01 Apr 2010 “Pulling the Plug” Isn’t Euthanasia

By Margaret Somervill, Ottawa Citizen, March 19 2010: Recently, I saw an illustration that accompanied an article about euthanasia. It showed the silhouette of a patient lying on a bed. There was an electrical outlet on the wall behind the bed and an unplugged connecting cord hanging down over the side of the bed. Except in very rare circumstances — for instance, if the treatment were withdrawn without the necessary consent or against the patient’s wishes — withdrawal of life-support treatment is not euthanasia. Yet many people, including the artist...

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16 Mar 2010 Somerville: When is euthanasia justified?

ARPA Note: Bill C-384 took a step back after Parliament was prorogued, giving MP's an opportunity to debate it once more. As a result, there is still time to send in postcards (click here to order them from the Euthansia Prevention Coalition) and write or call your MP. Globe and Mail, March 15, 2010, By Margaret Somerville: Francine Lalonde's private member's bill to legalize euthanasia and assisted suicide will be back in Parliament tomorrow. For millennia, euthanasia (a word I use to include assisted suicide) has been considered morally and...

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14 Jan 2010 A Life and Death Issue: Speaking to a Society that is Sympathetic towards Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide

by Mark Penninga (first printed in Reformed Perspective magazine, July/Aug 2009): Who has authority to take away a human life? In the cloud of emotion and deception that encircles the euthanasia debate, that one question lies at the bottom. It is a question that may have to be answered by our country this year. On May 13, 2009 Bloc Quebecois MP Francine Lalonde introduced a private member’s bill (C-384) to our Canadian Parliament that proposes to legalize assisted suicide and euthanasia. It is scheduled for its first debate in the House of Commons, and a subsequent vote, at the end of September. Canada has to understand the dangerous reality of this legislation.
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24 Nov 2009 In the Shadow of Death

The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada has prepared an electronic booklet that describes a Christian perspective on euthanasia and assisted suicide. This will be a helpful resource to equip us to respond to the continued push for legalized euthanasia and assisted suicide in Canada. The booklet explains the definitions, biblical principles, current state of the law, impact on vulnerable people, palliative care, and how Christians can talk about compassion. Click here to access this booklet. For resources on this topic from ARPA Canada, click here. And for action items relating to...

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20 Nov 2008 Death on demand is no worthy goal for society

By Alex Schadenberg (Executive Director of the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition) Calgary Herald, November 19, 2008 - Posted in full on with permission from the author.Voters in Washington state passed the I-1000 assisted suicide Initiative, legalizing "Oregon-style" assisted suicide in their state. The Initiative 1000 passed by a 58-42 per cent margin. One of the reasons that the assisted suicide initiative in Washington passed was the money factor. The right-to-die lobby in the U. S. focused all of its resources on Washing-ton state, enabling them to spend more than $5 million to convince Washington state voters they had nothing to worry about.
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