Pre-Born Human Rights

For you formed my inward parts; you knitted me together in my mother’s womb. I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.” – Psalm 139:13-14

Since R v Morgentaler in 1988 abortion has been legal in Canada, and since the Canadian government has not created any new legislation protecting the unborn, Canada remains one of the only countries in the world without any abortion laws at all. is an organization started by ARPA Canada to focus efforts on this vacuum. Find a link to their website below for more on our efforts.

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24 Aug 2009 The abortion distortion

National Post - August 21, 2009: By Andrea Mrozek And Rebecca Walberg'Safe, legal and rare" is the mantra of consensus-seeking pro-choice feminists, and one that at least acknowledges that abortion is not a desirable outcome for any pregnancy. But today in Quebec, abortion activists are rebranding. Try this newly truncated motto on for size: "just keep it legal." Bill 34 in Quebec was an attempt to legislate the same standards for all out-patient medical clinics. The bill, it's worth noting, never mentioned abortion,...

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29 Jun 2009 The Smiling Unborn Child

Music in Utero, By Chuck Colson: 6/29/2009In 1984, a video called The Silent Scream helped change the way people think about the unborn child. The footage of an actual abortion and the fetus’s reaction reminded us that abortion involves the death of a real person. A recent bit of footage has similar potential, only it couldn’t be more different from The Silent Scream. The footage was part of a recent PBS special, The Music Instinct: Science & Song. The program was an exploration of, among other things,...

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12 Feb 2009 Using embryonic stem cells to improve our lives is the new cannibalism. At what cost to our souls?

By Tom Oleson, Winnipeg Free Press, Feb 3, 2009: About 500,000 years ago, archeologists tell us, some guy sat down at whatever passed for a dinner table in those days and cooked and then consumed the tastier parts of another guy. Why he did this, we don't really know -- perhaps it was just as simple as the fact that he was hungry and there was nothing else to eat-- but we do know from the archeological record that cannibalism is as old as humanity. [Continue reading this article here.]...

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12 Dec 2008 Aboriginal MP elected chair of Parliamentary Pro-Life Caucus

For Immediate Release: December 11, 2008 WINNIPEG -MP Rod Bruinooge says he is "honoured and grateful" to be elected as the new chair of the multi-party Parliamentary Pro-Life Caucus (PPLC). The 35-year-old MP from Winnipeg South takes over from MP Maurice Vellacott of Saskatoon-Wanuskewin who held the position for the past eight years."I am honoured to chair a caucus that doesn't shy away from this vital issue," says Bruinooge. "Many Canadians share our reverence for life, and those concerns need to be represented."
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16 Sep 2008 LifeSiteNews Interviews Canadian National Pro-Life Political Organization Leader on Federal Election – Part I

"You have a widening gulf between the electorate and the people running for office" says Jim HughesBy Steve Jalsevac OTTAWA, September 15, 2008 ( - Last week, LifeSiteNews interviewed Campaign Life Coalition National President and International Right to Life Vice President Jim Hughes about his organization's involvement in the Canadian federal election now underway. The extensive interview, in which Hughes gives frank comments about the Canadian political scene, is being presented in two parts. See Part II in tomorrow's LifeSiteNews.
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10 Jul 2008 It’s time to talk about abortion

Alone among developed countries, Canada has no abortion law. Is 'settling' for a non-decision any way for a democracy to behave?Andrew Coyne - This is not about abortion. This is about democracy. It is about how we decide things, and by what rules, and how we treat each other when we disagree. Indeed, it is about whether we are allowed to disagree; whether dissent on a contentious issue is respected, or even recognized; and whether, in the face of clear evidence...

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