But among you there must not be even a hint of sexual immorality, or of any kind of impurity.…” – Ephesians 5:3

Sexuality is a gift from God, to be used for His glory. Of all gifts, perhaps this one has been the most misused and perverted since the Fall into sin. This is apparent in the way that our Parliament and courts have dealt with sexuality as well. We have an obligation to show the world what a blessing sexuality can be when it is used in conformity with God’s intentions – lovingly between one man and one woman who are committed to each other for life in marriage.

Featured: ARPA policy report on prostitution (sent to all MPs and Senators).


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02 Oct 2019 Responding to Proposals to Ban Conversion Therapy

Canada and British Columbia are not strangers to the controversy around gender and sexuality. In the last few years, ARPA has waded into the fray around SOGI 123, a three-step plan to normalize homosexuality and transgenderism in BC schools. ARPA also intervened in the A.B. v C.D. & E.F. case at the BC Court of Appeal. In both instances, we argue the biblical and scientific truth that biology matters, and that parents, children, and all citizens should be free to live and speak in accordance with their religious and moral...

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11 Sep 2019 B.C.’s highest court says 14-year-old can continue hormone treatment, despite gaps in risk disclosure  

by John Sikkema  The B.C. Gender Clinic’s “Informed Consent Form” for “hormone therapy” is both inadequate and misleading, in my view. Yet the province’s highest court ruled last week, in AB v CD, that a 14-year-old girl who had signed the form could continue to receive testosterone therapy despite her father’s objections. In this article, I explain that decision and what it may mean for B.C. children and families. What is the AB v CD case about? ARPA was in court last week as an intervenor in AB v CD (anonymized short forms for...

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10 Sep 2019 ARPA Gives Oral Arguments in Critical Court Case

This week ARPA Canada was one of just two intervenors that was permitted to give oral arguments in a crucial and sad case in the BC Court of Appeal. We have produced a special Vlog about the case. However, due to a publication ban, we can’t share many details of what transpired in the court room. The case centres around a BC father who has been told he may not express his concerns about his 14-year-old daughter’s decision to take hormone treatments to appear as a boy. The case centres around a...

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23 Aug 2019 Ontario government releases updated 2019 sex-ed curriculum

Some improvements made to the curriculum, but concerns remain By André Schutten & Ed Hoogerdyk The Ontario government has released its new health and physical education curriculum. The 320-page document highlights what and when students will be taught under the following four strands: Social-Emotional Learning Skills, Active Living, Movement Competence, and Healthy Living. A good chunk of the curriculum has nothing to do with sex; instead it focuses on important topics like diet, exercise, mental health, physical safety, biological development, and online safety. These basic elements of the curriculum are uncontroversial and...

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22 Aug 2019 ARPA Approved to Intervene in B.C. Transgender Child Court Case

Earlier this year, a British Columbia judge decided that a 14-year-old girl could receive “hormone treatments” for gender dysphoria despite her father’s strong disapproval. That judge also warned the father against “attempting to persuade A.B. [anonymized initials for his daughter] to abandon treatment for gender dysphoria; addressing A.B. by his birth name; referring to A.B. as a girl or with female pronouns whether to him directly or to third parties.” A subsequent court order authorized police to arrest the father without warrant and charge him with contempt of court if he...

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25 Jul 2019 A Cause for Celebration?

By Levi Minderhoud “A celebration. A protest. A party. A place to take up space. An opportunity to don our finest and shiniest. A chance to recognize how far we have come and reflect on where we need to go from here.” This is how the Vancouver Pride Society, the organizers of the Vancouver pride parade, describe their upcoming signature event. The purpose of the pride parade is to celebrate homosexuality and transgenderism. In other policy reports and blog posts, ARPA Canada has explained how such views of sexuality and gender contravene...

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08 Jul 2019 Bill Hate? Bill Straight? Or Bill Dictate?

  This video brings back memories. Just the mention of those 28 private schools reminds us all of the court challenge against Bill 24. The emails. The phone calls. The Gideon Project. The appeal hearing and ARPA’s intervention therein. The requirements of the Alberta School Act added by Bill 24 caused confusion, tension, and a healthy fear about the future of Reformed education. The communication from the Alberta Education Ministry under the NDP government gave an even stronger indication that the Ministry was unwilling to back down on their demands that every...

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05 Jul 2019 Gender politics in classrooms is hurting kids

Teaching little boys and girls that they’re neither: Gender politics in classrooms is hurting kids By André Schutten   Barbara Kay, in a National Post article called “When gender identity education and theory goes wrong”, comments on a story that illustrates much of what’s wrong with teaching the new gender orthodoxy to children. This six-year-old was plunged into considerable distress when told by her teacher that “girls are not real”. To summarize the story: the Buffones family’s six-year-old daughter, referred to as “N” to protect her privacy, was a happy girl, comfortable in her...

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20 Jun 2019 Gender, politics, and censorship at the B.C. Human Rights Tribunal

Morgane Oger, Vice-President of B.C. NDP and 2017 provincial candidate in Vancouver by John Sikkema There’s a recent Human Rights Tribunal decision in B.C. you should know about. It’s about gender, religion, politics, and censorship. It’s noteworthy for how the Tribunal’s religious worldview is displayed and enforced. The decision is Whatcott v. Oger. You may have heard of Bill Whatcott and his style of public engagement, which, to put it lightly, needs improvement. But for now, let’s focus on the substance of the case – what Whatcott wrote and what the Tribunal decided. The...

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15 Mar 2019 Ontario curriculum update increases parental involvement and that’s a good thing

ARPA Canada sent a statement to the media this morning in response to the announcement from the Minister of Education on planned curriculum changes in Ontario. So many of you have engaged on this issue and we thank you for your engagement! We will complete a full review of the curriculum when it is released. On March 15th, Ontario Minister of Education Lisa Thompson announced some much-needed improvements to the provincial curriculum. During the press conference, Minister Thompson addressed some of the concerns Ontario parents had with the previous Wynne-era curriculum,...

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