But among you there must not be even a hint of sexual immorality, or of any kind of impurity.…” – Ephesians 5:3

Sexuality is a gift from God, to be used for His glory. Of all gifts, perhaps this one has been the most misused and perverted since the Fall into sin. This is apparent in the way that our Parliament and courts have dealt with sexuality as well. We have an obligation to show the world what a blessing sexuality can be when it is used in conformity with God’s intentions – lovingly between one man and one woman who are committed to each other for life in marriage.

Featured: ARPA policy report on prostitution (sent to all MPs and Senators).


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02 Aug 2011 Is Immigration Our Only Hope?

Canada's birthrate is low, too low, and Steve Lafleur from the Frontier Centre for Public Policy argues in a recent National Post article that the only way to save our economy is through immigration. You can read the article here. Certainly, the demographic trend is scary: by 2020, the proportion of Canadians over the age of 60 will be approximately 30%. But is immigration the only way to fix this?  Mr. Lafleur offers many interesting changes to the current immigration policy, ways in which immigration can become more affordable for Canadians and more effective for our economy. Some of these changes are laudable. But what Mr. Lafleur dismisses in a word as something unrealistic at the end of his article is where our government and our society should turn their eyes to: Canada's fertility rates.
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08 Jul 2011 Backbench MP leading the charge to reform prostitution laws

ARPA Note: Many of you played a big role in helping Joy Smith's previous bill against human trafficking get passed in the last Parliament. Private Member's Bills can play a huge role in this new Parliament. Be sure to talk to your MP about what they hope to introduce and if they will support Smith's prostitution bill. Daphne Bramham, Postmedia News July 8 2011: Joy Smith is that rare backbench member of Parliament whose private bill was not only debated, but became law. Rarer still is the fact that Smith,...

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15 Jun 2011 Coalition to Ask Court: is Prostitution Wrong?

Toronto, ON – Tomorrow, the Christian Legal Fellowship, Catholic Civil Rights League, and REAL Women of Canada (the coalition) will have an opportunity to present arguments before the Ontario Court of Appeal in Bedford v. AG (Canada).  Over the past three days, the Court has considered whether the Criminal Code provisions against operating a bawdy house, living on the avails of prostitution, and communicating for the purposes of prostitution violate the Charter rights of prostitutes.  In presenting its arguments, the coalition will seek to reframe the dialogue by asking the Court to first answer the fundamental question posed by the appeal: “Is prostitution wrong?”
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31 Mar 2011 Top court will hear prostitution law challenge

ARPA Note: It is important that our federal government introduce legislation before the Supreme Court strikes down the existing law. Find an indepth report about the options here. This election campaign, ask the candidates what they plan to do about Canada's prostitution laws. March 31, 2011: The Supreme Court of Canada will hear a challenge on the legality of Canada's anti-prostitution law.  The high court granted the leave application brought by the B.C. Attorney General in the case involving Vancouver's Downtown Eastside sex workers. Read more...

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10 Mar 2011 Sexual ‘liberation’ of children and youth

By Maaike Rosendal (a member of Southern Alberta ARPA). First published in Reformed Daily newspaper (Reformatorisch Dagblad) in the Netherlands, March 2, 2011. A second update, about "safe abortions" is here. Government officials and organizations from around the world are currently gathering at the UN headquarters in New York for the annual Commission on the Status of Women (CSW). Maaike Rosendal (social worker with a pro-life organization) shares one of her experiences while at this conference. Together with two friends I attend an official gathering of organizations, UN officials, and UNFPA (population fund) about comprehensive sexuality education. While the attendants enjoy an extravagant breakfast, panellists argue that the right to education can be used to force governments to provide comprehensive sex education. Practical examples are used, such as that young children should be taught they have a right to sexually explore and that doing so is empowering and liberating.
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03 Dec 2010 McGill Prof: Canadian transgender bill a ‘Trojan horse’ to ‘reorganize’ society’s view of sex

MONTREAL, Quebec, December 2, 2010 ( - The Canadian bill seeking to enshrine protections for “transsexuals” is a “Trojan horse” focused on “reorganizing the way we approach sexual issues,” said a noted professor and public commentator at McGill University in Montreal. According to Dr. Douglas Farrow, the bill will “undermine the integrity of Canadian law and civil society.”
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28 Sep 2010 Ottawa to Appeal Court Ruling that Struck Down Prostitution Laws

Globe & Mail, September 29, 2010: The federal government will appeal an Ontario court judgment that struck down Canada's prostitution laws. Justice Minister Rob Nicholson announced in the House of Commons Wednesday that the government will challenge Tuesday's ruling that the laws are unconstitutional. Prostitution is not illegal in Canada, but the court struck down three provisions that criminalized most aspects of it. Keep reading this report. Action Item: In addition to prayer, send a letter to your MP as well as Prime Minister Harper, Justice Minister Rob Nicholson, and Minister Responsible for the Status of Women Rona Ambrose (,, thanking them for agreeing to appeal this court decision (sample letter is below). Learn more about this issue by reading a quality report from the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada. Also, find the Christian Legal Fellowship's press release about this below.
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12 Jul 2010 Prostitution in Canada Where are we Headed?

Evangelical Fellowship of Canada Report: A Comparison of the Swedish and the Dutch Models, and the Correlation Between Prostitution and Human Trafficking Facing two constitutional challenges pending in Ontario and British Columbia, Canada should prepare itself to revisit our existing prostitution legislation and its effectiveness. The court challenges aim to strike down relevant provisions in the Criminal Code which render all activities surrounding and related to prostitution illegal. [Click here to read the EFC's 20 page report and click here for a short intro to the issue]....

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01 Jun 2010 28 Days on the Pill: Entire Documentary Now Available Here

ARPA Note: 28 Days on the Pill is filmed and produced by TNL Productions, an independent Canadian producer. The film does a good job of discussing a topic that few Christians dare talk about: does the birth control pill cause abortions? Although the answer is still debated by many in the Reformed community, many more aren't even aware that there is an issue. Please consider watching this with some friends to encourage biblical worldview thinking on sexuality. ...

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