Canada Summer Jobs

(Federal Court of Appeal)

Status: ARPA has applied to intervene

Background: A few years ago, the Liberal Government added a requirement to those applying for the Canada summer jobs grant that they attest that they respect abortion in order to be eligible to receive the funds. The Right to Life Association of Toronto and Area challenged the constitutionality of this requirement, but the Federal Court found it was a justifiable infringement of their Charter section 2(b) right to freedom of expression. This decision is being appealed.

Our Argument: ARPA Canada’s concerns include that the justification the government gave was that the pro-life groups disrespect, undermine, or violate Charter rights. We want to explain the history of Canada’s jurisprudence regarding abortion and argue that the Charter applies to the government and that a private organization is incapable of disrespecting the Charter.

You can read the decision that is being appealed here.

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