Life Week 2020

Display pro-life signs at home!

Spread the pro-life message during Life Week by making homemade window signs, lawn signs, sidewalk chalk art – whatever you can think of!

Let's do it!

You have likely seen, heard about, or even participated in small birthday party convoys or convoys in support of health care workers recently. Some ARPA staff even saw a convoy supporting teachers roll through their town!

Our goal with these Convoys for Life is to deck out as many cars, trucks, and mini-vans with pro-life messaging as possible and then drive down a prominent road in our local communities. Let’s get out the pro-life message!

If you are organizing a Convoy for Life in your local community, please double check to see if your municipality has enacted any bylaws or made any statements about these convoys in light of COVID-19. Please remind all convoy drivers to obey the normal rules of the road (e.g. drive the speed limit, don’t block traffic) and to be extra courteous to other drivers.

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Each year we host a national prayer service in the nation’s capital. This year we are holding a prayer service online instead.

Pastor Winston Bosch, pastor of Ottawa’s Jubilee Canadian Reformed Church will lead us through a meditation, and then several prayers will be offered on this day of the March for Life.

Join us: Thursday, May 14: 11 am EDT, 10 am CDT, 9am MST, 8am PST

This event will be live-streamed to our Youtube Page.

Watch LIVE!
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