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LHN Jan 23 2

23 Jan 2018 God and Government: Apply now!

News:  Canada Summer Jobs Program:  Canada’s largest abortion rights group is urging the federal government to back down on that controversial attestation in the Canada Summer Jobs program application. Morgentaler anniversary:  WeNeedaLaw gets ready to mark a major milestone in Canadian jurisprudence. We will be posting more on this story later this week. Bibles and Letters:  And a final look back at two major ARPA projects from 2017. You can read more on these projects here and here....

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LN feature - God and Government: Apply now!


16 Jan 2018 Liberals block pro-life organizations from Canada Summer Jobs Program

Canada Summer Jobs Program: Most of the program this week is devoted to coverage of changes to the Canada Summer Jobs Program. Shortly before Christmas, the federal government unveiled a new restriction on funding eligibility for the program, which subsidizes the wages of summer students in both private industry and not-for-profit organizations. In order to qualify for funding this year, those businesses and organizations will have to check a box on the application form, an “attestation” which reads: “Both the job and the organization’s core mandate respect individual human rights in...

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Governing Liberals block pro-life organizations from accessing Canada Summer Jobs Program funding

Canadian survey finds broad support for government funding for independent schools

Abortion becoming an issue in provincial party leadership campaigns

LN feature: Liberals block pro-life organizations from Canada Summer Jobs Program

LHN Dec 19

19 Dec 2017 2017: A Year in Review

This week, a special, full edition of Lighthouse News. As we do for the last program in every calendar year, we take this opportunity to look back on ARPA’s work in the year just passed, and a look ahead to plans for the New Year. There are three guests on the program this week: ARPA Executive Director Mark Penninga, Law & Policy Director André Schutten, and Mike Schouten, who directs the work of ARPA’s pro-life arm, “We Need a Law.” Have a listen. Be encouraged by what the Lord has done through this...

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LN Feature: 2017: A Year in Review

LHN - Dec 12

12 Dec 2017 Make us a cake or see you in court

Feature: An interview with Jim Campbell, the senior legal counsel with “Alliance Defending Freedom”, on a US Supreme Court case about whether a Christian baker can be punished for declining to make a custom wedding cake for a same-sex wedding. In the news.. Progress on palliative care: A federal private member’s bill on palliative care is set to become law today, amid a new push for expanded Palliative Care services in Ontario. Day Care availability: Cardus is out with a new study on the availability of day care spaces in B.C. The results may...

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Progress on palliative care

Day care availability

Flowers for politicians

LN feature: Make us a cake or see you in court

LHN Dec 5

05 Dec 2017 Trinity Western University at the Supreme Court

The Supreme Court of Canada held two days of hearings last week in one of the most eagerly-anticipated and important Supreme cases to date on religious freedom. The hearing involved Trinity Western University’s attempts to set up a Christian law school in Langley, BC. The hearing was based on two appeal cases on TWU rolled into one, one in Ontario and one in BC. The highest court in Ontario had upheld a decision by the Law Society of Upper Canada not to recognize or admit to the bar any graduates from...

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Al Siebring has spent more than 35 years in the media business, primarily at local radio stations in Western Canada. Over the years, he’s also done some freelance work for CBS Radio in New York and the CNN Radio network, and has had print material published in newspapers and magazines as varied as the National Post, “Western Report” magazine, various local newspapers in communities where he’s lived, and a variety of church-related publications including “Christian Renewal” and “Clarion.”
Al also spent almost two years working with the now-defunct ECP Centre, writing, producing, and hosting their daily “No Apologies” podcast.