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11 Mar 2020 Conversion Therapy Ban: a popular trend has come to Ottawa

On this episode: Levi speaks about the conversion therapy ban introduced at the federal level this week. ARPA board member Aaron Oosterhoff shares about ARPA Niagara's banquet this past weekend. Anna talks about the Apologetics Canada conference she was at on Saturday. Colin is touring schools in southern Ontario this week....

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05 Mar 2020 QU: God and Government 2020!

Announcing God and Government adult, March for Life planning is well under way across the country, and the Care not Kill campaign is reaching Canadians, thanks to you!...

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12 Feb 2020 Quick Updates – Feburary 12

Colin is away but that doesn't mean there isn't a Quick Updates this week! Thanks to Daniel for delivering a great show!   Links referenced in this episode:  ...

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