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12 Feb 2020 Quick Updates – Feburary 12

Colin is away but that doesn't mean there isn't a Quick Updates this week! Thanks to Daniel for delivering a great show!   Links referenced in this episode:  ...

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05 Feb 2020 Quick Update – Feburary 5

This week's Quick Updates is here: God and Government Youth 2020 began today! Missionsfest in Vancouver last week André and John attended an encouraging conference last week in Ottawa   Links referenced in this episode: Check out our new Campaign Webpage - - We've already had orders for over 70% of our printed materials! A new order has been put through and we'd love to see these go too. ...

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29 Jan 2020 Quick Updates – January 29, 2020

This week's Quick Updates is here: The Campaign launches today! A guest interview with Jojo Ruba about the conversion therapy bans in Alberta     Links referenced in this episode: Check out our new Campaign Webpage - Send our new draft EasyMail on assisted suicide to your MP! - Read more about the Government survey on MAiD and fill it out here - ...

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22 Jan 2020 Quick Update – January 22, 2019

This week's Quick Updates is here: #agoodgoodbye and the public discussion of assisted suicide. Will federal leadership candidates speak up on euthanasia? Delta hopice in BC stands its ground!...

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