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28 Mar 2017 Taking the Long View on Pre-born Human Rights

Feature: This week, a conversation with We Need a Law’s director Mike Schouten, about an effort to introduce an “International Standards” abortion law in Parliament. Alberta Baptist schools forced to affirm new sexual orthodoxy: The Alberta government is doubling down on two Baptist schools near Edmonton, trying to force them to guarantee gay-straight alliance clubs in their schools. Jason Kenney wins Alberta PC leadership: Former Calgary MP wins Alberta PC Leadership race. We talk to one of the delegates who was at the convention. Canadian doctors harvesting organs from euthanized patients: What happens when people who’ve agreed...

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Alberta Baptist schools forced to affirm new sexual orthodoxy

Kenney wins Alberta PC leadership

Canadian doctors harvesting organs from euthanized patients

Was federal budget 2017 family friendly? An expert weighs in

LN Feature: Taking the Long View on Pre-born Human Rights


21 Mar 2017 A Chance to Revisit an Abortion Law

Feature: The Trudeau government is cleaning up the Criminal Code, removing provisions that have been deemed unconstitutional. This includes the old restrictions on abortion. On the feature today, ARPA lawyer John Sikkema, on how this could be an opportunity to re-open the discussion on introducing an “International Standards” abortion law.
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Alberta government caught in porn controversy

Québec doctors killing more of their patients

Normalizing and Professionalizing Euthanasia

Manitoba Legislature debates pornography access resolution

LN Feature: A Chance to Revisit an Abortion Law


14 Mar 2017 Electing People of Character

Feature: A wide-ranging discussion with Doug Sharpe, President of the Canada Family Action Council, on the state of Christian political involvement in Canada today, particularly in the context of the Conservative Party of Canada leadership race.
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Porn in Manitoba

A welcome mat for protestors

Oosterhoff wins again

More pushback on Bill 10

LN Feature: Electing People of Character


07 Mar 2017 A Trigger Warning in the Fraser Valley

A Trigger Warning in the Fraser Valley - On the feature today, we speak with the member of a pro-life club at a BC university. That pro-life club recently held an art display by local high school students on the topic of "the value of life". Learn more about the trigger warnings that were required before the event could proceed.
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Transgenderism in Hamilton

Grassroots Motivation

Retreat in Alberta?

TWU Headed to Supreme Court

Criminal charges in Toronto baby death

LN Feature: Trigger Warning


28 Feb 2017 Woman Means Something

A New Approach on Transgenderism - On the feature today, a Vancouver-area pastor with a new approach on the transgender debate. Click here to hear how one church is raising compelling concerns about so-called transgender rights laws.
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ARPA at the Manning Networking Conference

CPC Leadership Update

God and Government Youth Conference

LN Feature: Woman Means Something


Al Siebring has spent more than 35 years in the media business, primarily at local radio stations in Western Canada. Over the years, he’s also done some freelance work for CBS Radio in New York and the CNN Radio network, and has had print material published in newspapers and magazines as varied as the National Post, “Western Report” magazine, various local newspapers in communities where he’s lived, and a variety of church-related publications including “Christian Renewal” and “Clarion.”
Al also spent almost two years working with the now-defunct ECP Centre, writing, producing, and hosting their daily “No Apologies” podcast.