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LHN - Oct 17

17 Oct 2017 How free are we in Canada today?

Feature: How “free” are we in Canada today? On the feature, an interview with John Carpay, the president of the Calgary-based “Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms.” In the news… FOI Request - Alberta government threatens to publicly release private school anti-bullying policies Euthanasia Video – ARPA releases the full-length version of its “Ending Suffering: the Palliative Alternative” documentary Bible Project – ARPA’s “Bible Project” is now fully-funded, and 1,200 Bibles will be in the hands of politicians across the country by the end of the month...

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Alberta government threatens to release private school anti-bullying policies

ARPA Canada releases full-length version of its “Ending Suffering: The Palliative Alternative” documentary

1,200 bibles will be in the hands of politicians across the country by the end of the month

LN Feature: How free are we in Canada today?

LHN - Oct 10

10 Oct 2017 Protecting Kids from their Parents

Feature:  A showdown is looming in Alberta over parental rights in education, and this week, we interview an Edmonton-area Christian school principal on the latest threats from Education Minister David Eggen. In the news.. Bubble Zone Law - The Ontario government has introduced the "Safe Access to Abortion Services Act" Status of Women Committee - The Trudeau government is under increasing scrutiny over who gets to chair the Status of Women Committee Wall Case - ARPA has filed its legal factum to the Supreme Court in a case involving church discipline US Abortion Law -...

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Bubble Zone Law

Status of Women Committee

Wall Case

US Abortion Law

LN Feature: Protecting kids from their parents

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26 Sep 2017 Gender Identity and the Resurrection

Feature: Excerpts from a speech on so-called "SOGI" (Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity) issues in the education system. In the news: Bullying: ARPA is out with a new resource on bullying in schools. Fall Tour: ARPA's annual fall tour started yesterday. We take a look at why you should show up at one of the 20 stops. M-103: Parliament's Heritage Committee has started hearings on this spring's so-called "anti-Islamophobia motion", M-103....

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Fall Tour


LN Feature: Gender Identity and the Resurrection

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19 Sep 2017 Got Pulled Over?

Speeding Ticket Revenue – An idea from the US would direct traffic fine revenues to charity. Reformed Perspective editor Jon Dykstra discusses with us. News: A Win for Christians – An Ontario Christian school wins at the Human Rights Tribunal against a complaint challenging the schools support of traditional marriage. Parental Rights - Edmonton Public School Board declines to consider a motion guaranteeing children’s “right to privacy”. Public School Board Elections - Why you should get involved. Pushback to Pro-life Messaging - Town Council in BC asked to ban pro-life displays at public parades....

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A Win for Christians

Parental Rights

Public School Board Elections

Pushback to Pro-life Messaging

LN Feature: Got Pulled Over


Al Siebring has spent more than 35 years in the media business, primarily at local radio stations in Western Canada. Over the years, he’s also done some freelance work for CBS Radio in New York and the CNN Radio network, and has had print material published in newspapers and magazines as varied as the National Post, “Western Report” magazine, various local newspapers in communities where he’s lived, and a variety of church-related publications including “Christian Renewal” and “Clarion.”
Al also spent almost two years working with the now-defunct ECP Centre, writing, producing, and hosting their daily “No Apologies” podcast.