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15 Jul 2020 Fix the Definition!

Fix the Definition on Conversion therapy, Alberta and BC managers join us with updates from their provinces, and we're relaunching our Care Not Kill campaign. ...

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24 Jun 2020

This week's Quick Updates is here: Are churches potential hotspots or simply effective COVID contact tracers? Good news that the Aga Case will be heard by the Supreme Court An update on the Delta Hospice in BC The WNAL Merchandise Store will be opening later this week! Links: Read the article about "Churches as Unifiers Should Not be Penalized for Their Effective Contact Tracing" - Read our article when the Aga Case was first being heard - You can find the We Need a Law store here - OPENING SOON! - ...

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17 Jun 2020 The Choice in Education Act

This week's Quick Updates is here: The Government of Alberta working to affirm that parents have the right to choose the kind of education they feel is best for their children, An inspiring example of action in BC recently as residents of Smithers launch a letter-writing campaign to the town council We are thankful to God for the support we continue to receive from you, our supporters!   Links: Read the article about the grassroots action in Smithers  - ARPA Canada is a registered non-profit organization. We rely on donations from individuals and businesses to allow...

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03 Jun 2020 Q&A on Reopening Churches ⛪

Long-term care homes under scrutiny from COVID and Long-term care homes under scrutiny from COVID and an FAQ with André regarding reopening churches. Links: Read the article on COVID 19 and Long Term Care Facilities - Read the article about the COVID 19 restrictions and the church - Reopen ON Churches - Send an EasyMail to the Premier of Ontario - FAQ with André regarding reopening churches....

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