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27 Nov 2019 Quick Updates – November 27

This week's Quick Updates is here: God and Government Youth deadline is December 6th! Apply today! Ed joins us from the Alberta Prayer Breakfast The ARPA board and staff are in Ottawa this week A live Q&A with André and Levi on Thursday, November 28th ...

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20 Nov 2019 Quick Updates – November 20th 2019

This week's Quick Updates is here: Last week a school club in Southern Ontario set up the 10,000 flag display in St. Catharines Ed wants you to chuck that shovel and do something about Bill 207 instead! ARPA released a new policy report on conversion therapy Colin responds to an article in the Calgary Herald that tells Christians to leave their faith at home! ...

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06 Nov 2019 Quick Updates – November 6

On this episode: Ed was in Edmonton for provincial lobbying meetings last week. A pastor was arrested in Toronto earlier this year. André talks about why that story is important. The Prime Minister has already made promises to expand assisted suicide laws in Canada. John brings us more details....

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