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07 Aug 2019 Quick Updates – August 7

Be encouraged - Alberta Christian schools policies that were denied by the previous government are now being approved! Plus, our ED responds to the sad news of a well-known pastor/author who has left the faith...

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31 Jul 2019 Quick Updates – July 31

This week's Quick Updates podcast is here: We're releasing a Fall Tour 2019 promo video, and you get to hear it first! André tells us what the ARPA game plan is for the fall federal election Tabitha shows you a handy tool you can keep in your house for interacting with federal candidates who come to your door! Links referenced: Fall Tour Info page  - To get a door hanger, email - [email protected] ...

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24 Jul 2019 Quick Updates – July 24

This week's Quick Updates audio is here: John got married last week! Fall Tour starts in early September this year Levi talks about the Rainbow crosswalk in Chilliwack Daniel shares his Signs Up! experience this weekend Quick Updates passes its one-year anniversary!   Links referenced in the video: Fall Tour Info page  - Signs Up! Swap - ...

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17 Jul 2019 Quick Update – July 17

This week's Quick Updates video is here: Colin briefly mentions the Canadian screening of Unplanned A Toronto Pastor was arrested for preaching a few weeks ago Tabitha reviews a book that the ARPA staff have just finished studying Links referenced in the podcast: Blog: Pastor Preaches Gospel. People React. Police Arrest Pastor  - The Christian Family by Herman Bavinck - ...

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10 Jul 2019 Quick Update – July 10

Andre joins us to talk about an education situation that is developing in Ontario, Mike lets us know what the next steps are for the Missing Project, and We Need a Law has put out some really great position papers - Anna joins us for that.   Links referenced in the episode: Blog: Gender Politics in Classrooms is Hurting Kids - Send the EasyMail: Gender Politics in Classrooms is Hurting Kids -  Website for the Missing Project - We Need A Law Position Papers - Abortion is not Healthcare - Abortion is not a Charter...

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