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29 Apr 2020 Are you joining a Convoy for Life? 🎈

This week’s Quick Updates is here: ARPA and WNAL have ambitions plans for Life Week, a position paper on sex-selection abortion was sent across the country to MPs, and the webinar lineup for the next week! ...

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22 Apr 2020 Some Good News

This week's Quick Updates is here: Resolve in New Brunswick regarding Clinic 554 A positive development regarding human trafficking in Alberta The webinar lineup for the next week! Links: ARPA Webinars - WNAL Webinars - Watch Monday's discussion between André Schutten and Pastor Ken Wieske on Is 'Corporate Worship an Essential Service?' - ...

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08 Apr 2020 Is Corporate Worship ‘Essential’?

This week's Quick Updates is here: Some great feedback from the Quarantine Webinars, and a teaser for next week's lineup! A late-night update from the Law and Policy team How should churches manage the current social isolation? Links: ARPA Webinars - WNAL Webinars - Is Corporate Worship “Essential”? Some Biblical Considerations for the Church’s Response. -  ...

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